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Thread: Need Training Advise Pls - on the Verge of Breakdown!

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    Shadow was the only dog I had as a small pup 15 years ago. I slept on a camp bed in the loungeroom with him on a bed on the floor next to me for a few days. When he whinged I hung my arm over the side or comforted him. I still have claw scars on my arm, lol. After a few days he moved back to our bedroom with me.
    I would take him outside after eating and at other times.

    With Pretty girl, she was older when my father in law got her, about 8 months. Here she is a house dog, over there an outside one. With her I, ummmm, took her out with the command widdle widdle (same one Shads had) and I peed on the lawn too so she would get the connection, lol. I am on a farm though with no neighbours. She has never had an accident in the house and goes to the door when she needs or wants to go out.

    I lied, Blacky (found as a quivering abused wreck was about 3 months old I think) I did the same as I did for Shads. About 6 years of age he decided he preferred to be permanently outside till he passed at about 16yrs of age.
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    Hi Simonj!

    The first few days are stressful. Just as they would be with a human baby. There is a huge ammount for your pup to learn and absorb.

    I wouldn't bother with bark busters or pet shop staff advice. Chuck the toileting pads, they are an expense you don't need. No doubt pet shop staff probably told you they would make life easier... sigh....

    But on the bright side - the two key things you and your pup need are comfort and warmth. Problem with the bathroom or laundry is that they are what's known as "heat sinks" - unless you have underfloor heating that is!!

    They will suck the warmth out of your pup's bed and your pup.

    A really warm pup, who is worn out physically and mentally (which is pretty easy with a tiny baby!) and has a full tummy will find it very hard to resist sleep for very long.

    A crate or playpen is great idea for babies. You can move it so the pup gets used to being different places and doesn't get too attached to one spot but rather the whole house. If your pup is not too much of a digger or chewer you can place a playpen on a heavy plastic mat or similar, with newspaper on top to absorb any accidents or food spillages. Heated pads for sleeping are handy, or hot water bottles under a pillow for a cheap alternative.

    Pup will need to toilet immediately after waking or eating. So take him/her straight outside then, give a certain command (I use "hurry up" and basically ignore puppy other than to say that occasionally. Then make a big, happy deal out of going to the toilet.

    Don't punish accidents, but if you catch pup in the act you can whisk it back outside and then praise if it finishes out there. Pup needs to basically connect that going inside gets nothing but going outside gets your attention and praise.

    Like toilet training a child it takes time and patience, and some get it quicker than others.

    You'll get there. The first few days or weeks seem to take forever when you're doing them, but they soon fade into the past when you move on from the baby suff.

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    You might want to read all of the stuff on the bark busters site again.

    I think they mean for the bathroom / laundry to be used when you're not home or if you live somewhere with no backyard and you have to use somewhere inside your place for the dog to toilet. What you're doing isn't what they've suggested.

    I used to confine my very small puppy to a large crate when I went out without her - like food shopping. And I'd try to be back within a few hours. Hopefully by time the puppy is 3 months old it should last quite a few hours - provided you make sure you don't feed it too close to bedtime ie if bedtime is 10:30pm - no food after 6:30pm.

    Take puppy outside to toilet often - as the others have said - as the bark busters site says - and don't let puppy in until he has performed. And teach him a magic word that goes with the performance - so you can tell him what you expect him to do. I use "shitnapiss" but some people like to use the name of their favourite politician.

    For my puppy I had a bed for her next to my bed, and I put a lead from her under me and attached it to my bed so she couldn't leave without waking me up. Dogs are very reluctant to toilet where they sleep so your dog will likely try to leave to toilet and thats when you have to get up and take him where you want him to toilet, magic word and staying out there being boring until the puppy does his business. Once done - lots of praise, and repeat the magic word some more, and back to bed / doing your thing.

    If there is a dog bed in the bathroom, for when you're not home, make sure it is well insulated from the floor, I sometimes put a warmed up wheatbag rolled in a towel in the bed - less messy than a hotwater bottle should it get chewed, and maybe put something with your smell that you don't need any more like an old shirt you've worn weeding in the garden, in the dog bed.

    Don't make the bathroom a prison.

    And puppies become toilet trained a lot quicker than children.

    And next puppy - get it from a rescue place like RSPCA or AWL or a registered breeder or via a vet who is looking after the mum, not from a pet shop.

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    Hi Simonj!

    Puppies are a lot of hard work aren't they?!!

    I have never used the puppy pad things but sounds like they might be a bit of a fad- and I bet they're expensive!

    What previous people have said about getting advise from pet shops sadly I think is true. In many cases these people who work in pet shops aren't adequately trained to give you advise on a living, breathing, loving thing. Good news is you've come to great place to find information and advise!

    With the toilet training thing, don't stress too much, it does take time. I remember being amazed at how often my pup urinated when he was really little- it was about every fifteen minutes. I found it much easier to toilet train him once he got a little more control over his bladder, when he was young, if he had to go, he really had to go, no matter what his intention was on where! How old is your pup?

    I have had my pups in the bathroom when they were really young at night only. (Mainly cause it had a washable floor and was confined enough for them to not get into too much trouble). Like has been said earlier, this is really traumatic for a pup, especially if it has only recently left it's litter. You can use a heat pad, water bottle (although if there's any chance the pup can chew through it don't go with this option). I have found an old fashioned ticking clock that can go in the bed with them is comforting as it is like the sound of their mum's heart beat. A radio playing softly can make them feel a little less alone as well!

    The first thing you should definatley do is enrol in a puppy preschool program at your local vet or dog obedience school. These are invaluable for puppy socialisation, as well as giving you heaps of information and advise, especially if you are new to the puppy thing. It is seriously the best money you can spend on your dog, mine cost $80 for four weeks, the best value thing I have bought for my boy his whole life!!

    Other than that take things slow, don't expect miracles over night, or restful sleep for that mater Enjoy your puppy and take lots of photos- it's such a glorious time that you will look back on fondly, no matter how hard things may seem now!

    Oh yeah, did I mention how important it is to ENROL IN PUPPY PRESCHOOL!!!!

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