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Thread: Crate Training, Jimmy's Back Feet Wont Leave the Carpet!

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    Default Crate Training, Jimmy's Back Feet Wont Leave the Carpet!

    So were flying to Brisbane in 5 weeks and I thought buying a crate at 6 weeks in advance would be the best thing. Jimmy can get used to the crate and not be uncomfortable with his x2 6 hour rides in the crate.

    Jimmy was born in Brisbane and came over to Perth via Qantas and, in a crate. So he knows what its all about and we have video's from when Jimmy was a puppy in his Brisbane being crate training, so its not like he was shoved in and put on the flight.

    I have taken the top off the crate and put my dressing gown inside. Jimmy loves to sleep on it and I found him in it sleeping when we came out in the morning's. So I tried after a few nights to put the lid on, and he wont go inside. So I moved the crate and started trowing treats inside for Jimmy to get. He goes inside and gets the treat, but his little back legs wont leave the carpet. I throw the treat in, say 'In', he goes in and gets the treat, I just say 'good boy' before he retreats out backwards. So I keep doing 10 minute training with his little back legs still on the floor. I tried moving the treats from corner to corner, making it harder for him to get. So i leave his toy inside and walk away. Over a time of maybe an hour he wants the toy and goes back inside. He lets his little back legs inside but comes straight back out. Now I tried saying 'good boy' when he goes all the way in. But because he knows a pat or treat comes after those words he comes out and sits at my feet.

    I have tried finding hints on the internet about crate training but they are all basically hopeless! I dont want to make Jimmy afraid of the crate by me doing something wrong.

    Now I think the little man has a problem with things being over his head. When his toys go under the dining table he stands close by but extends his paw out and tries scooping the toy backwards without putting his head under the table. I think because he hit his head on objects as a wee little fella he is now scared of hitting his head. I dont make a big deal out of bumps, I just cary on like normal.

    So I'm stuck at the next point of getting his little feet in. Most training videos or articles only tell you to shut the door once they are inside..... Jimmy wont go all the way inside.
    So a little advise on the next step would be great. I know he wont like the crate to begin with, but he needs to come with us to Brisbane.

    Thanks for listening!
    Jimmy Choo Chews

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    When Frosty needed to go in the crate - I didn't give her a choice - I just put her in.

    If you've got the patience - just leave the crate as is, ie changing it will make your dog suspicious of it, or change it all the time - so your dog gets used to it being different all the time... Eventually puppy will be ok.

    Otherwise - feed puppy main meals in the crate. Don't worry too much about whether he goes in all the way or not. Also from time to time put puppy in yourself for no particular reason and don't fuss about it ie no chatting going in or out, maybe just a command word for in or out. Same as for teaching it's ok when the boss leaves the house and comes home. Keep the times very short to start with. Ie puppy in, leave the room, go back in, go out, go back in - let puppy out etc. Try not to automatically let puppy in or out based on whether you have just entered the room or not. Ie don't make anything routine.

    Most frequent time for Frosty to end up in crate when she was a puppy was when I was making my own dinner. Eventually she'd just sleep while I made my dinner and I'd let her out when I was done. We'd be in the same room. A sometimes I put her in it so I could eat my dinner or talk to visitors. Or if I wanted to go out. Sometimes I just put her in it - though I set a timer so I'd remember to let her out.

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