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Thread: Dog Training in West Australia..

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    Default Dog Training in West Australia..

    Hi guys, not to sure how many members we have from W.A on the forum, but thought I'd give it a go!

    Im NOR (north of the River) and looking for a obedience school for our 14 month old girl Chloe.. She's had no training whatsoever (is a rescue dog) and we're keen to get her started before anything becomes a big problem (at the moment, shes jumping on my 6 yr old and accidentally nipping her which is causing all sorts of problems)..

    I was originally looking at Northern suburbs dog club, however they don't have any spots until end of November..

    We were looking at bark busters, but after a search I've opted not to go ahead with that.

    The other ones we were looking at was Doggiewould up in Wanneroo and some that are run in conjunction with the RSPCA around the whole of Perth... However we know nothing about their training and no one we know can say anything good/bad about them...


    Also, what is a reasonable price for training? Whilst im happy to pay whatever it is to stop this behavior and have a happy household, i also don't want to be severely ripped off..

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Default RSPCA Training.


    I used the RSPCA at Malaga for Jimmy. He started off with his Puppy School and passed with flying colors. The trainer was very nice and she was very patient too. Jimmy will go onto do his Level One training with the RSPCA but we need a 6 week period free before we start this. The Puppy School was $90 and the Level one is $150. I think its well worth the money.

    It might seem that a Dog Club is the best way to go, but the RSPCA certainly had patience and the resources to get the training done. And you might think they only cover a small part of training, but once you are there you get so much more out of it. Its not just sitting, staying and rolling over. Its all the other little bits of advice you get along the way, the class would start with 'so how are things going at home and what problems do you have?' this way she can tailor the days training to suit your pup.

    Let me know how you go, I think the new year will be Jimmy's start date for Level one.


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    Thanks Jimmy

    Im glad to get some feedback about the RSPCA (or any for that matter!!)..

    I agree with you completely about the Dog Clubs, after I posted this I found the German shepherd club of w.a which i emailed if they could either help me, or send me in the right direction, not sure if they will accept us as she isn't purebred, and wasn't bought from one of their breeders but we'll give it a go..

    I'll give the RSPCA a call tomorrow and get the ball rolling even if we start the training there and get some pointers and continue somewhere else (eg a dog club) at least we're going to stop any bad behaviours before they get out of control

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