Hi Everyone

I love this forum - I have learnt a lot from everyone. I appreciate so much the help that I get on my different posts. I am very much a newby to the dog world...no doubt you have all worked that out well and trully by now.

I have another question. I encourage my two little rescue's to chew those chew boney things that you buy at the pet shop - the natural ones that all compressed together - they love em. The only problem that we are encountering is that Ollie (the rescue I have had for about 6 months) is getting quite protective and aggressive over the bones. Even tho' they get one each he normally steals Penny's (only had Penny for one month) as well. When I went to get one of the bones for Penny he even growled at me. Do I just let this go and let them work it out themselves?

I am also thinking that maybe Ollie is a little jealous of Penny. I thought she might end up Top Dog but that doesnt seem to be the case. Maybe they are still working it out?

The other thing I have noticed is that twice in the past two weeks down the park Ollie has on two instances really got aggressive with two dogs. I just put it down to that fact that like people sometimes dogs come across other dogs that they don't like - but now I am starting to wonder.

Any help or guidance you can all provide will be very much appreciated.