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    Hi Everyone

    My little Penny is settling in nicely. Ollie looooooooves her so much.

    We have taught Penny that she must sit before she gets her food or a treat. The only problem we have is that whilst she sits she snatches the treat out of my hand. I have ended up with my fingers being nipped constantly - she's only little but gee it hurts. It doesnt help that she is a little guts

    Can someone help me with some tips on how to stop her doing this?

    All opinions 'gratelfully welcomed..... ...(I couldnt help myself!)

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    take the treat and put it in your closed fist. She will initially nibble on you and lick your hand. Soon as she sits back - bang - open the fist and release the treat. You'll get slobbered on but she will learn quickly

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    As occy said

    We also apply the word 'gentle' when offering treats/foods.
    We apply the word at most times just to be certain.
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    I have snatchers....I turn my hand over so that they are getting the back of my hand first and then turn at the wrist while saying 'gentle' to give them the treat. I guess this is similar to what is being described above too.
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    I agree with what the others say.

    Do not release the treat until the dog is being gentle. Might hurt at first but they're quick to learn and the bigger the guts, the quicker the learning.

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    Also when actually giving the treat, use very slow hand motions, and say "gentle" when lowering your hand.
    If you are snapped at........pull you hand back SLOWLY and do not give her a treat till she does it the way you are happy with.
    IF and WHEN she gets it right, BIG, HAPPY praise and the reward is given!

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    What they said

    But also try a lickable treat, like cheese spread. Then he learns to take it without grabbing - as snatching doesn't get him any

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