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Thread: First Post - Peeing Problem... At Wits End!

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    Default First Post - Peeing Problem... At Wits End!

    Hi All - First post and right down to business I guess!

    My Max is an adorable Shetland Sheepdog x Japanese Spitz. He is now 18 weeks old, and about 5kg. He is very healthy, active and playful.

    We have had fairly good results in the toilet training / housebreaking stakes. Almost all of the time he goes outside with only the occasional accident. We are pretty happy with that.

    What has become a very common thing in the past couple of weeks though, is every time I walk out the front door (to go to the letter box, or anything!) and I tell him to sit / stay, when I come back inside he will have peed right inside the door.

    He knows he has done a bad thing, because before I even react (or sometimes even see it!), he is already standing back, head down, tail down.

    As soon as I react (usually, Maxy! No!) he walks straight to the back door, looks at me and goes outside.

    It's like he KNOWS he has done the wrong thing.

    He spends a lot of time in our alfresco, as the yard is still just dirt and mud (new house), and he has no problem going out there. He has a doggy door, and we usually keep the alfresco door open as well, so its not that he couldn't get outside to go, and he usually does.

    He only ever does it when I go out the front door and don't take him with me.

    It is driving me insane. It happens - EVERY - time I go out the front door.

    Any ideas, suggestions, advice, would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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    Hi and welcome

    Sorry but perhaps he just reeeaaaly needs to go. You have taught him that he must go outside to toilet,so you go outside,tell him to stay.He then goes oh buuuuut...and bugga me,he piddles.
    He's a bub and cannot hold his toilet times.
    It could also be attributed to excitment ,another common trait of bubs. Yippee! We're going out - and then - thats good cause come to think of it I really need to go.

    I really think he just needs to go
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    I agree with Choppa. He is associating outside with toileting and his little immature brain is obviously having problems stopping the flow of urine when he sees the visual cues of going outside.

    Maybe put him out the back door, or better still, grab lead and walk him to the letterbox with you.
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    I agree with Choppa and Anne . What I would do is take him outside at the back and make sure he does his business every time before you go out at the front and put him in a stay. And of course lots of praise first when he pees and second when you get back inside and he still is where he is supposed to be (and everything is dry).

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    Is it possible that it is some kind of anxiety reaction?

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    I have a lead next to the front door - mainly to help me stop my dog from jumping all over anyone who comes to the front door. In your situation, I'd just put the lead on and take the dog with me to the letterbox.

    Also when you clean up the puddle - make sure you don't use any ammonia based product as this will mark the spot with the right smell for marking over... clean up with water, detergent and follow up with methylated spirits. I've read that vinegar is good but I'm not sure if that isn't another thing that smells like dog pee (along with bleach / ammonia based products).

    Also try what the others have said and take puppy out the back to perform first (have a magic word for the performance) and then try the sit stay thing. You might also say "letterbox" so he knows/learns you're going to be right back.

    And no point scolding him unless you catch him in mid stream. Just clean up with no fuss.

    Are you making a fuss over him before you go out or when you come back? This would increase any insecurity or separation anxiety he might have. Best to ignore him going or returning - except for taking him out the back until he has performed.

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    I had a similar experience many years ago and the thing that I found that work was distracting the dog when leaving. He had his best toy that squeaked and set him up so he would play with that and whilst he was busy I then went to the letterbox. Used to start with just standing out the door and gradually getting further away. Took a few goes but it worked for me. Once he understood that I was coming back and going to the front door did not necessarily mean going for a walk he was fine.

    Also he used to pee when I walked in the door after work (separation anxiety). I fixed this by ignoring him and doing what I had to do (open mail etc). Then when I was ready make him sit and pat him and acknowledge him. He used to see me fly for the door sliding on his butt in the end and no peeing.

    Hope my experience helps you.

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    I don't have a lot of experience but maybe the little one is frightened that you are going to leave him......

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