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    Hi everyone
    im looking after this dog for three long months its a chihauhua? I dont think it got much attention when it was a pup.
    Anyway its a biter and a constant barker its fine once you get to know it (took 3 days) but my vistors.. im scared they'll get bitten.. i put it outside and it just barks for hours. What should I do? Can I train it?

    Also I have my own dog a beautiful (shi tzu) that we have taught to sit, stay, come fetch, rollover and more she has always been around people and is great with vistors
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    Why are you looking after it in the first place?

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    Default why i am looking after this dog

    not that its very relevant but im looking after this dog because the owner had to fly overseas because of a terminally ill relative at short notice hence their gone for three months to spend time with them

    can you please give me some advise I would really hate to stress them out at in this situation.
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    How old is the chihauhau? Name?? Not that age matters but .....Yes you can and should be training it straight away, as it is a new member to YOUR must give it boundries as to what it can and can't do. Sounds like it is fretting a bit with the suddern loss of His/her owners, however this is NOT an excuess for the behaviour, but it may be a reason.....all the new smells and fears the chihauhau has at the will need to be patient with it. Set rules in place and growl at him/her when it is doing the wrong thing!....If this does not work...try the naughty room! He/she will bark a lot.....DO NOT GIVE soon as he/she stops barking let her in again! As soon as he/she starts barking again.....stright back to the naughty room! You may have to do this for an hour or so. but be patient and you will start to see the rewards of your efforts. As for the constant barking, ignor him/her....DO NOT LOOK, TOUCH, ACKNOWLEDGE until that behavour STOPS.....then as soon as it does PRASIE and REWARD. I know you only have him/her for a short time, however the new member to your household needs to know who is boss. Best of luck and keep us updated! I would love to hear how you are going and if you need any more advice!
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    I sympathise with you. I took on a group of Chihuahuas and a Griffon when their owner had a stroke. They were all lovely dogs except for one of the Chihuahuas. He had been abused before my friend took him on and he hated everyone, especially men. For some reason he loved me but no one else could touch him.

    I was lucky enough to have a professionally built dog run that I used for rescues so I had no problems keeping him away from visitors and my poor long-suffering husband. When he was noisy I simply shut him inside the house section which had double stable type doors. He soon calmed down when he couldn't see out.

    If you have any doggy friends perhaps you could borrow a crate, dog trolley, puppy pen or similar so you can keep him secure when friends visit. If you confine him to a quiet room this should help reduce the barking problem.

    If you were going to keep him you could work on socialising him and curing the barking but as you only have him for three months it's probably not worth while.

    Certainly with our own Chihuahua I taught her not to bark by using time out. It really worked with her. Until the day she died she was the quietest Chihuahua I've ever met and also the most friendly and outgoing.

    Good on you for helping out a friend and good luck.

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    Default thankyou

    Its nice to know people understand, thankyou for the advice. I used a time out yesterday and Mickey barked and scratched and whined for a good 20mins and I let him out once he quieted down its worked well so far he was so glad to be back he sat quiet as a mouse. Yes he was abused before my friend got him too, so I'm not sure how he will ever really be able to be comfortable around visitors. I will definately keep updating

    Also im not sure how old Mickey is I forgot to ask =S
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    I have successfully used a collar with a high pitched sound to stop my dogs from barking continuously. Ebay seems to have a large selection that are affordable and they run on watch batteries.

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