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Thread: Dogs Digging Under the Fence

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    Hey Hyacnith,
    I have realized that this is a pretty hot topic right now and I have decided to start a new thread because we are getting a bit off topic

    Here it is - Positive Reinforcement or Overly Positive?

    Busta the apricot poodle x spaniel

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    Unfortunately all the toys I buy for my dog get stolen by the neighbor's dog and taken back to his yard. I've asked for the toys back but the neighbors aren't helping (a side issue) and don't give a damn about their dog let alone my requests.
    I'm still back-filling the holes both dogs dig, but its only a band-aid solution until the next hole is dug. I try to walk my dog as often as possible but it doesn't seem to help. Using treats/water spray doesn't help as I'm not home often enough, which might be part ofthe problem.
    I live by myself and apart from visitors I'm the only person the dog has interaction with.

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