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Thread: Is It a Dominance Thing....maybe?

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    Default Is It a Dominance Thing....maybe?

    Hello Everyone

    Ollie and Penny (our new rescue) are settling in nicely. Ollie overall thinks she is fab . Occassionally he gets a bit sooky as he no longer gets all the attention. We are trying to work out which one is going to be top dog. Most obvious behaviours...Ollie tries to hump Penny a lot! Penny when she has had enough of him will hump back. Food is realy interesting - Penny is a little piglet and an absolute guts. When she is feeding Ollie stands back and lets her eat everything in sight. We feed them seperately otherwise poor Ollie would be starving but even with treats he seems to drop his and just stand there and watch next thing you know Penny has nicked his treat as well

    The other facinating thing is that Ollie has a couple of beds to choose from. Penny has taken over the basket in the bedroom which Ollie would only stay in until I go to sleep - now he won't even go there. Half way through the night Penny gets up and gets into bed with Ollie....Ollie then sleeps on the couch. I can't work out if she is just wants to be with him or take over everything. We are definately getting her, her own little bed, hopefully this will help.

    Ollie has quitened down a heap since Penny came home - which was the intention but sometimes I feel sad for him because he seems a little confused by why this new little girl has suddenly appeared in his world.

    I guess my question is can a dog love his little mate yet be a bit resentful at the same time?

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    Hey Vellela
    I'm pretty new to having 2 dogs. I've only ever had 1 at a time in the past.
    Alot of the behaviour you are talking about I have seen with my girls.
    Misi humps Lola daily. It's a power thing with her as she only does it when lola has a toy that Misi all of a sudden wants.
    I wouldn't worry for now,
    Just treat Ollie like he's boss/top dog. Make sure he gets everything first eg. food, toy, his leash put on 1st, out the door 1st, etc. Show affection to Ollie in front of Penny.
    And don't forget- everything's still new to both pooches. Ollie is going through a big change, and has to get used to another pooch being with him 24/7. Penny is still adjusting to her new home and family and at some stage will probably try to push boundaries to try and be boss. Just give them time.
    Mine have been together for 9 months and things are well, Misi is boss and Lola knows it but still tries to push her luck sometimes

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    Thanks Magdalena...will definately be a little more consious of ensuring Mr Ollie is treated first and foremost....I think deep down he is very happy with his new pal its all just so new!

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    You're welcome
    Yep, i'm sure that's it. Just give it time. Mine were the same, but you could also see that they loved each other from day1. Even though sometimes Misi pretends she couldn't care less-it's all an act

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    Very interseting reading this, Thanks Magdalena.....and Good luck to you Vellela, hope all works out for you

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    No matter who was there first in the end it is usually the bitch who rules the roost. The boys don't really seem to mind.

    Problems will only arise if you try and change the natural order of things. Ollie and Penny will soon sort things out and become the best of friends.

    I've had multiple dogs all my life and it has always been a bitch who is top of the canine pecking order. Quite funny to watch 6.5kg of black Pug bitch keeping two 45kg Deerhound dogs, a Pug dog and two Pug bitches all firmly in their place.

    Don't worry about Ollie. He won't be worrying about the situation. Dogs live for the moment and having a friend to play with will more than make up for being bossed around a bit by his lady love.

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    Vellela, the behaviour you relate is so familiar although the reverse... I have always had two dogs and although prior to my two females I had a male and a female, it was always the male that dominated from day one. Today, with Mimi coming in as a pup, it is Pepsi that dominates. Mimi, pretty much like Ollie, has to be fed separately, preferably outside with the doors closed and out of reach of Pepsi. I have a feeling Pepsi who is so greedy, sends signals telling her not to touch the food or else! The same happens with treats.. Mimi would stand back waiting for me to approach and keeps an eye on Pepsi.. This has never changed since Mimi arrived. It seems it was sorted out pretty much earlier on who is the leader in the house. However, I have watched them play together and Mimi loves it when it happens. Because she is so much taller, she lies flat on her stomach and lets Pepsi bite her neck or climb over her to better nibble at her neck. It is so nice to see them this way. I kind of like the order in which things are. It seems natural that Mimi has respect for an older dog. In your case, I think Ollie is bewildered by this new little bundle of activity.. he is still getting used to the fact that he has a new companion. He is both overwhelmed and thrilled!

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    Thank you everyone..that is all very useful information. Things are settling down a lot. We got new individual beds for them yesterday and they are set up next to each. We had two very happy dogs this morning . Unfortunately we had one very unhappy dog owner when Ollie rolled in dog poo and was caked in it...not just a little bit mind you, caked in fresh poo from top to tail....a bath for all of us before work So now you know who those screams came from this morning that you heard whilst having your breakfast.....

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    Sounds like back to normal... only happier (concerning the dogs )

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    I second that Hippo

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