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    I recently came into possession of a 11 month old male staffie X healer. He has also been desexed.
    I take him for regular walks along the local beach off the leash and noticed that he has an irresistible urge to roll around and rub himself on dead animals (birds, fish) and other dog's fecal matter.
    It's bloody embarrassing having to walk him home and then attempt to restrain him while I get out the hose and shampoo!

    Does anybody know what might be causing him to do this and how I can make him stop?


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    Dogs and humans don't agree on what smells nice. To a dog scented sprays and shampoos stink. This is why they like to have a good roll after a bath and smell like a proper dog again.

    Rolling in dung and rotting animals probably goes back to the days when dogs were still wolves and hunting their own food. Certainly primitive human hunters smeared themselves with dung to mask their own scent. I believe modern hunters can now buy products in cute little cans that serve the same purpose.

    You can try training your dog not to roll or keep him on a lead when walking on the beach. However if it was me I would simply have shampoo and towels waiting for when I got home. Certainly if your dog swims in the sea he should be bathed afterwards to remove the salt and sand from his coat.

    In our modern society there are few opportunities for a dog to be a dog. Sometimes it's nice just to let a dog follow his instincts and be a wolf again even if it does mean a bath afterwards.

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    It makes sense, its just that I've never had a dog do it before. I think I'll just keep $10 in my pocket and return home via the doggy cleaning booth at the car wash!

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    ah the joys of owning a dog....they do love it, its the equivalent of a back scratch for us....they especially like it after having a bath

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