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    Hi there,

    I wrote in another post about my puppy being aggressive and not being able to walk her despite trying numerous harnesses. This included the halti among them which she sliced through all three we replaced in three days! Well, it seems things have changed for the better. I thought after reading some advice I would give the fourth Halti another go. I was very apprehensive at first so I put the check chain on her incase she bit through it and i had nothing to lead her with.

    I am pleased to report that it worked like an absolute dream!!! ( :. I dont know what was different other than maybe DH didnt tighten it enough last time or she grew into a bit better. All i can say, with much glee is no more check chain!!! Sorry to those who swear by it, but i found it to be a useless and cruel contraption. She use to hark up at absolutely everything and it didnt matter what i did to control her, she would jump up and go crazy. I couldnt walk her alone she was too strong. As previously mentioned, she would rather cut off her circulation than pay any form of attention to me. With the Halti, I found that as weak as i am, she can hark only up just a little. I barely have to move and she pulls into line. Actually, she sort of Heels better. The best thing is, no dragging, no pulling and OMG, NO SNIFFIIIIIIIIING!!!

    She still has a lot of work needing done to make further improvements but i'm amazed that in one session she was so good. She still hates those two collies up the road. But even with being kept into line a little more, she is not nearly as bad with them.

    As far as the sniffing goes and the need to roll on the ground, can i ask for some advice. My old dog trainer said that sniffing for dogs is like reading the newspaper and it is just something they have to do so let them go. I get this. Its a dog thing. But seriously, Tia (her name BTW) would sniff everything she could. I really mean- everything! We would walk about 30 centremetres and she would need to sniff. It was so bad we would have to drag her to get anywhere. So, now i have the halti I control it. Very well too. I have not been letting her sniff a thing. Is this wrong? Should I still let her sniff a bit? And if so, what is too little or too much? I let her sniff if i think she needs to go to the loo but she always just urinates every few metres. Its not going to the loo as such. I think it is a territorial thing.

    Also, what about the rolling? She loves it? DH said that I should let her roll if she wants to roll and i'm being mean by not letting her. But she always wants to roll on her terms. I want her to respect me, so i want to let her roll when it suits me. Am i being cruel not letting her roll when she wants? Have i gone a bit control hungry? When should I allow her to roll in a fav patch of grass if at all?

    Also, can i have some advice on call backs. I actually let her off the lead on the way to the beach the other day. She didnt go far I admit and she wasnt out of control or anything. She was quite good actually. There were no dogs around which made it easy. But no matter how many times i called her back, she wouldnt come. At home she comes to her name. Its just when its important she wont come. I have read that you should always call your dog in every now and again when off lead and before re-leading them and giving them a treat so they dont make a bad association to being called. I tried the treat thing, didnt work. How do i get her come when called more effectively? How do i get her to listen to me?

    Just one more thing. Sorry for the epic post. Another person on the forum asked to see a pic of Tia. How do i attch it to this post?


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    I am glad the 4th halti has worked..yay! I'm not sure what your dh might have been doing wrong for her to chew through it though
    My girl has to be walked with a halti otherwise she is just way to strong and exhasting..but there is no way sho could chew through it.

    I agree with you re; the check chain. There is no way Candy would respond to one either..I am constanlty checking her back every 2 arm sure got a great workout though

    With the sniffing and are right not to let her do it if you are out for a brisk walk. She is to do as you are her master
    Do you have an offleash area near you where she can be let off in a fenced area and sniff and roll all she wants?

    With the recall...I too was having this problem. I bought a clicker and everytime I clicked it..I called her and gave her a treat. She's fantastic with her recalls now..though I still can't trust her if we were on a beach with other dogs though..she has too much fun!

    Your photo question...there is 2 ways to do this. You can go to your user control pannel and start up a photo album...the pics are easily uploaded from your own pic album on your pc. OR, you can go through photo bucket. You upload your pic to photobucket (you need an account..but it's free and worth it..I use it HEAPS), from there you get the IMG code....then post the code in your post
    (I hope I explained that ok?? get back to me if not and I will help you )

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    Hi Pooch lover

    I'm glad you are having some progress with your pooch

    I'm with Ozeymum on the sniffing thing. When I first got Taya she wanted to smell things all the time but now she knows that walk time is for walking. She can sniff all she wants when she's off-leash at the park.

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    Hi Poochlover

    I agree with Ozymum and Loren - exercise comes first so it's ok to stop the sniffing and rolling while you're focussed on the exercise.

    I like to let my dog sniff a fair bit but she's not obsessive and she only rolls off lead on the oval - although I think she prefers to roll in something stinky like duck poo or a dead worm, not so good from my point of view. I like to think if she gets to sniff then she gets to know her neighbourhood so if she was ever out without me for whatever unforseen reason - she could find her own way home.

    I'm still working on "come" or recall. On the oval, Frosty puppy dog sometimes comes of her own accord - so that's when I call her "Frosty - Come" and reward her with treats and pats, praise and play. I try to have some of her favourite toys and treats with me always. When I want her to come and she isn't volunteering, I get her attention by calling her name and then run away making squeally noises or calling "this way this way, c'mon" or both. Then her chase instinct and play impulse and aversion to separation usually kicks in and she chases after me. If I can get her to come all the way back to sitting in front of me - I reward her same as when she voluntarily comes.

    I try not to put the lead on her after calling her. I try to catch her when she's doing something else like greeting another dog or person or after she's done a sit-stay for me. And again, lots of rewards play, praise.

    I'm glad the halti is working for you. Fit is really important. Some people attach the halti strap to the check chain strap as backup for really unruly dogs like badly trained labradors. I used to use the gentle leader nose band - which worked - stopped pulling but Frosty puppydog hated it, and often tried to rub it off, and I couldn't leave it on when she was on the oval and playing with other dogs in case they grabbed hold of it and hurt her (correct use is important and most dogs don't understand how to do it).

    One of Frosty's friends was wearing something called a "soft touch concepts harness" with a front attach point. And him being a Weimerana - required both hands and strength to control, was a dream with the harness, so I got one for Frosty. She still tries to pull sometimes but just can't get the same sort of leverage that she could with the neck collars (including the slip chain choker).

    For people with pulling dogs who don't like the nose band or choke chain, it's worth looking at, and Gentle Leader brand also put out a Front attach walking harness.
    SENSE-ible Dog Harness, Dog Training Equipment | Softouch Concepts, Inc.

    The front attachment is really important for control. The back attach harnesses we use for in the car, gives no more control or pull prevention than an ordinary collar.

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