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Thread: Need Advice / Thoughts - Brought 2nd Dog Home and We Have Fights Happening.

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    Default Need Advice / Thoughts - Brought 2nd Dog Home and We Have Fights Happening.

    Hi all

    I am new here so I hope I am posting this in the right forum.

    I was hoping to get some thoughts and advice from people out here that may have been hopefully in a similar situation as we are.

    5 months ago we bought a Maltese x Shih-tzu (who was 4 months old back then), she is a really good girl (except the rare occasional "surprise" she leaves for us in the lounge room) and we love her very much. Her name is Lily.

    We have been thinking of getting a 2nd puppy so Lily has a companion and is not so lonely during the day when we are at work. As this is a big commitment, we gave it a lot of thought and debated for a while. Finally we have decided to get one. We brought home an 8wk old Maltese cross Mini Poodle baby last Sunday, we named her Maggie.

    Now, the problem. Lily continuously gets really into her, as in constantly pulls her feet, facial hair, ears, tramples her etc etc ... see this video :

    YouTube - Pups part 1

    Now this goes on for a about 5-10 minutes , then the little one hides and is scared to come out and Lily runs around like crazy.

    We understand that Lily is trying to show Maggie that she is the boss and I understand that in the dog society, when you have a pack, they need to establish who is the number 1 dog. We are just worried obviously as the little one squeals and yelps and cant really stand a chance, although she tries sometimes. We are obviously always around all the time and oversee what is going on, and on few occasions, when it was getting too crazy we had to go with a stern lound "No" and even separate them for a second so things calm down. However, Lily keeps really digging into her.

    My gf is terrified and almost cries and just wants to pick up the pup to protect her. Its quite hard to watch the little one get pounded, however, I know that nature itself can be very cruel sometimes and this may just be a case of dog politics that need sorting. We are not sure about any of this. We spoke to the shop and the Vet and we have just been told to let them sort it out of course under supervision in case it gets ugly. We have also been told to treat Lily as the 1st dog for now as that's what she has been so when we come home, Lily gets hello first, first food, first through the door etc .... During the day when we are away, they are separated.

    My question is, how long will these fights go for? Is leaving them do it the right thing to do ? We are just worried that the little one will get traumatised or something before she grows up and has a chance to stand up for her self for a fair fight.

    any thoughts, suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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    Ideally you take your first dog with you when choosing the second dog, so the first dog can pick a dog that she likes instead of being forced to live with one that offends her. A bit late now, I suppose.

    Clearly, Lily is very upset by the second dog. As best I can tell, you are doing the right things. It is also important not to reward Lily with attention (picking her up and putting her on your lap, patting her or talking to her) when she does things you don't want - like attacking the new dog. At the same time, it's not a good idea for you to pick up the new dog and give it attention when Lily isn't getting any.

    Once the pecking order is established - I doubt it will change even when the new dog reaches full size. We had an Australian terrier (small) as first dog, and got a blue heeler x kelpie as second dog (medium big eventually), and the Australian terrier remained boss for her life time.

    You may want to consider puppy school for the new puppy so it learns how to submit to an aggressive dog and how to play nicely, and obedience training for Lily so you can give her something else to do like sit, stay, drop, instead of attacking the new puppy. If Lily is still young enough - a bit of doggy socialization with other dogs of a similar size would be a good idea. I've seen little dogs like this involved in dog sports like agility and trials and doggy dancing and the ball tag thing...

    You may want to consider getting some sort of enclosed crate or box or those cute little soft igloo homes - one for each - so they each have a safe place to go to. And do not allow them to use each other's home unless you are confident they are friends.
    This is the kind of thing I'm thinking of though I know nothing about this shop.
    Add to Cart

    You may also want to develop some distraction techniques for breaking up the fights. A loud rattle, "bark busters" use a slip chain in a soft pouch like a sock and throw it at the floor (near but not at a dog) hard - to make a distracting noise. I've used tin cans with metal nuts in to rattle, or the occasional (controversial) water jet (no need to aim directly at the dog, but near by tiles or grass usually enough - might not be ideal inside). And sometimes walked in general direction of dogs going "bub bub bub" in a loud high pitched voice and clapping. And then running away - ie give the dogs something else to do like chase you.

    Also more walks and dedicated play time for both dogs may help use up their excess energy and encourage them both to sleep instead of fight.

    Also when it comes to food, and toys, and even sleeping spaces - I have found with other animals, it helps to have a lot more than just one each, and to space them so that one animal cannot hoard and defend all the food/toys/sleeping spaces.

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    I'd be like your girlfriend and worry about Maggie. I would let them play for a short time but then take Maggie away out of reach of Lily.
    My Mimi is the opposite here on this video, at 5 months she is playing with her best friend Kirby a male Golden Retriever who is 2 years old. Mimi seems relentless and indefatigable on here trying to pull his collar off ... but she still plays with him this way (she is almost 22 months old now) and they don't hurt each other (Kirby 40 kilos and Mimi is 20 kilos). Pepsi also seen in the video acts as referee when she sees that things are getting a bit serious. YouTube - Mimi and Kirby at Play
    Had it been the other way around, I would have immediately removed Mimi from this kind of play if only because being so young, she would be exhausted being on the defensive all the time.
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