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    Default Dog Training - Brisbane

    Hi all,
    I was wanting to know if anybody could recommend a dog training school in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane?
    I would like to begin with obedience training, then perhaps move on to family protection training.

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    Cant help with training schools there as I'm in Melb but It's great you are looking for a school. I think all dogs should have training. What breed do you have? Is it a Doberman? Sorry to disagree but dogs DO NOT need family protection training as a dog will protect it's pack by nature & instinct. You do not need to train them to do it! I've always had Rottie's & now have a Doberman X Staffy & a pure staff. NONE have ever been taught to protect. They already know how to & this type of training can lead to an aggressive dog! Not what any breed needs. IMO!
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    Hi have you tried REDGUM kennels in Parkridge! They are wonderful and friendly and I have one of there trainers come to my house for personal training with my greyhound and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Good luck Oh they do protection training as well.

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