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Thread: Psycho Tornado Dog from Hell

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    Our male mini foxie pee's inside but I find it either a territory thing or an insecurity thing. I am by no means an expert.

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    I have trained many male Pugs to live inside appropriately.

    This is the way I deal with marking issues;
    *Clean the area thoroughly with an enzyme based cleaner. Bio Zet washing powder is enzyme based and there are many commercially based products such as Piss Off and Urine Off that will do the same thing. White vinegar is also a great cleaner, as is bi carb. It is really, really important that you remove ALL traces of urine.

    *Sprinkle the area with lavendar oil daily where they have marked and after you have cleaned it.

    *Allow the dog inside in restricted areas for limited periods of time that you gradually extend. You must be prepared for the first 4 or 5 days to FOLLOW them or watch them without taking your eyes off them in order to catch them in the act. Have a water spray bottle in your hand set to shoot as far as possible.

    *When you see that they are about to mark somehwere, stamp your feet, say loudly in a grwly deep voice NO! and spray the water at them. Repeat this every time and gradually increase the time they are allowed inside.

    *Always, ALWAYS praise them when they go to the toilet outside. Carry treats if you have to in your pocket to offer them. Make a big deal about what a good dog they are when they wee or mark outside.

    Gradually over the course of up to 5 days you should be able to relax more and more while they are inside. I have never failed yet with training a dog like this.

    Never hit or smack. Just spray the water, say a loud growly no and stamp your feet. Remember it is VITAL to ALWAYS praise them for doing it in the right spot.

    My boys have been trained since day dot and never wee inside and I STILL praise them lavishly when I see them go to the toilet outside and they are now just going onto 7 years of age.
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    Hi Gonzo dog, How are you going with your training????? I am very interested as we have a 7mnth old Golden Retriever/ Lab x Collie/ Kelpie and is also a Tornado, we have had her since she was a 7wk old pup so have been able to train her from young but she still loves everyone to death and when we have visitors we have trouble holding her down and stopping her from jumping up on them, (work in progress) other than that she is becoming a wonderful friendly dog we find she is a very clever dog as well. I would love to see a photo of her as well.



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