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Thread: Training a pup that can't go outside.

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    Default Training a pup that can't go outside.

    After some help. We have a 10 week old pup, she has been with us for two weeks. We live in a area that has a lot of parvo at the moment. we have only been in this property for 3 months and don't know if the previous owners had a dog so our vet has reccomend that our pup stay indoors till her last needles at 16 weeks.
    I am having trouble toilet trainer her. We are using puppy pads. She does use them but also just as much will go anywhere. How can i train her if she can not go outside.

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    I would have maybe a play pen or a crate or both...

    when you can't be supervising her, she goes in the play pen.

    When you want her to toilet, you take her to where the puppy pads are - on lead and wait. Maybe repeat a word you want for her to toilet eg "go potty", while you're waiting. But act boring, don't engage with her until after she pees where you want her to.

    It's pretty sad that she has to stay inside for 16 weeks. You miss all of the socialisation time she needs to get used to other dogs and people and new things. Maybe ask your vet if there are any areas that have not much parvo or see if you can organise play dates with vaccinated dogs in a non-parvo area.

    I recently met some puppies that were 7 weeks old and the owner told me that they'd had all the vax and were good to go to the park and meet new dogs. To me - that didn't seem right but maybe there are different vaccination systems. I was told - with my dog to wait 2 weeks after the last vax - just to make sure.

    But we did puppy pre-school at the vet (they swab everything down before and after to make sure there's no bad stuff as best anyone can). And we played with dogs we knew were vaccinated.

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    yep, get some vaccinated dogs into your arsenal of training tricks. 16 weeks no socialisation < negligent vet advice IMO, as likelihood for dogs like mine (gaurd dogs) going wrong from not socialising Vs risk of parvo are not equal, and the socialisation wins. For another breed, perhaps a different odds scenario perhaps.

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    For me, the risk of having a poorly socialised dog (with people and other dogs) outweighed the risk of parvo. It's all about the precautions you take.

    For us to have waited until she was 18 weeks (she had her first needle at just shy of 10.5 weeks and her 2nd at 16.5 weeks) that would have been really really bad for her.

    To give you an idea of her size, she was 18.38kgs at her 16.5 week weigh in at the vet when she got her booster. Her adult estimated weight is in the vicinity of 55+kgs so a poorly socialised dog is not something I wanted to risk. At all. She is 4.5 months old and 25kgs (all legs, slim and tall) she meets small dogs with a bowed head and waggy tail and small dogs and cats she lays down in front of. I am glad I didn't wait.

    It's all about making educated decisions for your dog. I think the risk of you bringing parvo in to your house on your shoes is greater than your puppy contracting parvo walking on a lead in the backyard while toilet training.
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    I will have a new newf puppy in early November. She will be just over eight weeks and she wil be going outside on all sort of meet and greets. i will pick my dogs to meet. As I have a lot of dog friensd that have all sizes of dogs and they are trained, but she will be outside meeting lots of people, different environments and socialising. I have done that with all my newfies from puppy. I think socialising is extremely important. That said my pup goes into a cart when we are in very public dog parks (lilydale where we do water training) and one of our older newfies pulls it. But there is no way I would be keeping it inside till 16 weeks. I just would not have the pup. I have to have my dogs very social and relaxed for what we do. Therapy work and water training for Rescue work. No way can that wait. 16 weeks is just too late for the best part. I love the 8 week old sponges, so happy and trustig. I take my old dogs along to give confidence and security.
    All that does nothelp with the potty make a place, a place where you want it to do potty. And take the puppy into this area hourly and wait until it has done something and praise highly. I would pick up some of the wee or poop to actually scent the area.... I am very boring when I potty train, I just stay in the arrea until something is done. I have a word for it and i use it when I see them do it any time and priase with both food, friendly voice and some fun time afterwards. But i cannot imagine a puppy not having adventures outside. Is there not any friends where you know the dogs or garden history... I find this a bit sad and worrying
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    Hi Shacols and welcome to the forum,

    You can take her into the yard to go wee wee on a lead...then take her back inside.

    Any dog I've raised from a puppy has never left the yard until two weeks after the final Vaccination at 16 wks because Parvo kills and it's just not worth the risk... all mine turned out just fine.

    I know many people say...Socialization must start at 8 wks because all sorts of terrible things will happen etc etc if you don't and it's best for the dog...well I've never found this to be true.

    Mine are house trained and learn house manners and how to walk on lead in the backyard etc...then at 4 mths start obedience training and I've never had any problems.

    If it's so important to socialize your dog at 8 wks onwards...what about Rescue dogs who've never had any Socialization at all...are these dogs damaged goods and should be put to sleep because it's too late as the damage has been done...Hell no.

    My beautiful Rottie Opal (God rest her soul) came to us at 14 mths...she was a cruelty case...bashed...starved and kept on a chain. She was never socialized and it took a long time to get her right...but in the end she turned out just fine.

    My GSD Chloe was kept in the backyard by herself for the first 6 mths of her life...then dumped in the pound. We got her at 7.5 mths...she'd never been inside a house...walked on a lead...been around other dogs and never played with a ball or chew rope and didn't know what the word "sit" was...but again with plenty of TLC... training and Socialization turned out just fine. Anyway IMO Socialization is important but not when it puts the pups life at risk.


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