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Thread: IPO training for pups?

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    Default IPO training for pups?

    IPO/Schutzhund training.

    Im studying in readiness for pup. Been revising all things puppy. And now we get to the confusing part, how the heck do i understand IPO stuff?

    thought i had the sequence of tests as: IPOA, IPO1, IPO3. IPOA being the only one you can take before dogs reaches 18 months?
    So why are there all these IPO in training pups on youtube? Id have a monster on my hands if i waited to 18 months surely. so i know ive misunderstood, a LOT perhaps.

    Im so confused. Here are the resources, readily available to me/pup locally:
    Obedience for competition, beginners, intermediate, advanced. Dogs and people under control socialisation opportunity: all offered at a local club.
    IPO though?
    Schutzhund Vic has a Eaglemount club. 1.5hrs away. Does anyone know of this club?

    If i want a IPO3, as a goal direction. What are the steps to get there, and what age must dog be? 18 months i believe, which begs the question, what are the dogs doing, between 12 weeks and 18 months?
    any light would be welcome

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    Hi Bernie

    I don't do IPO - failed the IQ test for finding the training ground

    But I did go out and watch a little bit of the Nationals - the beginner level known as "bloody heeling".

    so there's a lot of precision heelwork and then the dog has to be nice in crowds of people, and ignore a cyclist and a jogger and a few other things.

    So there are probably all the same foundation skills that agility people train their puppies for.

    Collar grab, its yer choice, crate games, start line stays or stays with distraction. Change of position.

    Socialisation - being calm in a shopping centre. One of the K9pro staff has put some youtube up of her dog in the markets - mostly as a bitch about people wanting to pet the dog in training - even if it looks like a land shark.

    You can train re-inforcement zone and fancy heel work from the beginning.
    hand touch
    targeting - ie go to the mat/bed
    perch work (feet on a phone book wrapped in a towel)
    body awareness - back feet on the phone book or back up over sticks...
    back up stairs
    back up a wall (good for building front end strength for the scramble and landing over jumps)

    you definitely want great tug and retrieve
    and then the dumbbell - retrieve without chewing it to bits on the way back. Or stopping to chew it to bits and coming back without it.

    Scent work - find the stick I put there out of many sticks.. Find the sock. Find the tv remote, find the keys...

    PS tug does not have to be pulling your arm off. you can start with a 3 second tug or fetch the toy and play with it while I clap you on.
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    thanks H, there's some work on that list. And a few ive not trained ever before, like backwards up stairs. Love it.

    Ive found an excellent report from WA on Schutzhund. And as some of these dogs compete internationally, surely its the same tests, world wide or very similar.
    So will read over that, and IPO like all other methods, starts on day 1 of pup (or adult schutzhund niaive older dogs). Ive scammed the book, it looks good. And i'll re read Schutzhund - Training in Drive. by Dildei Godfried < ? spelling. And that matches the training program in WA. So i hope its similar.

    plenty of good reads my way. And gotta find some stairs for bernie to back up. Maybe the train station?
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    Start with just backing up...

    then backing up over the broom stick

    Then backing up on to a perch like a folded towel

    Then maybe find some stairs - there's some really good ones at our local school and sports club...

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    I would think speaking to ‘Nekhbet’, would be the best way to get the type of information you are looking for here.

    Have you seen any of these videos ?

    Video | Herzhund Malinois

    Socialisation is very important – but not just people – but everything else.

    Socialisation? What is it exactly? | K9pro Training

    Heaps of reading here:

    Free Dog Training Articles | K9pro Training

    From 8 weeks - 12 weeks my pups have gone through puppy school. The puppy school is associated with the dog school I plan on doing obedience with. I don't do the vet run ones.

    Then from ~ 12 weeks of age - off to the first level of obedience.

    You can title your pup in both obedience and rally-o. That can take years - if you go through all the different levels.

    So you can see - there are a lot of things that you can be doing with this future pup - between the ages of 8 weeks and 18 months !

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    I agree with most of this stuff as when you have dogs for water rescue training they also have to be very social tolerant of all sorts of distractions and still work.

    My dogs are funny, very social with people and other dogs, but you put their life jackets on and they are in work mode, ignore friendly people and dogs

    We train the into ours, be friendly when off work, but work when asked.

    We do a lot of heeling and close work and I like my dogs to focus, but I also like my dogs to be able to work just close and casual for off lead work that is not heeling.

    the one thing I would be very careful with in young puppies and dogs of the larger breeds, which I know you like," is back up stairs, back up a wall (good for building front end strength for the scramble and landing over jumps) and jumping" please wait until the growth plates are closed, however long that might take with your dogs. And get the dogs very fit and strong firs by maybe swimming or such

    Have fun and enjoy your training
    Pets are forever

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