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Thread: Struggling to toilet train

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    Things are going a lot better actually. After spending a lot of time outside over the past few days he is getting used to going outside. I was really surprised last night when I took him outside and said 'go wees' and straight away he went on the grass and did a wee...then a bit later after eating I took him out when I suspected he needed to go again and said 'go poos' and again he went straight away and did one on the grass! I was so pleased and gave him a treat both times..there was no way I could get him to do that a few days ago! He was determined to go inside! So like you said I'm just being patient with him and persevering with him and it seems to be working...he still has a couple of accidents but he hasn't done a poo inside for a couple of days which is great!

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    Keep it up !
    I just teach one command for toileting - saves on working out what the pup should be doing !

    If this little 'monster' is still having accidents inside - you need to tweak your timing ! But pleased to see that the pup is starting to listen to you.

    Great bonding exercise - this toilet training !

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    So like you said I'm just being patient with him and persevering with him and it seems to be working
    Excellent work. More owner training puppy

    Tho today my dog cue'd me to give her my going out present - she saw me packing up my stuff (but not hers) to go out and she ran to her bed / crate place and looked at me expectantly. Oh yeah - reminder give dog roo jerky when I'm going out...

    So it can be good if your puppy can tell you what to do too - sometimes.

    Another trick my dog knows is if she barks at the back door - I will let her out. And the more pathetic the bark - the faster I show up.

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