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    Hey guys,

    This question is on behalf of a friend of mine but I'm also interested for future reference.

    Does anyone have any experience with a dog sleeping mostly inside but also capable of sleeping outside without
    too many hassles (barking etc) when necessary? For example if you're likely to be home late or during warm weather.
    I'm wondering if it's possible to train a dog to be able to sleep outside in a kennel if/when the occasion calls
    for it and not kick up a fuss. The dog in question is a golden retriever.


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    I've had to sleep my dog outside a few times when I've been travelling and she's not allowed inside the house I'm staying at. Sometimes I offer to set up a tent in the yard... but she's good in the crate especially if it's near the window of the room I'm staying in. I just cover it up and no more barking. Tho that did take some training. Ie not approaching the crate or letting her out if she's barking.

    So if you have a nice crate and you train the dog that good things happen in crates... and you can have that as the designated indoor sleeping spot - and then you practice with some outside time too. Ie don't just shove the dog outside and expect it to cope when it's not used to it. Same with my dog - she sometimes gets some practice time when I shut her inside so I can put weed killer on the garden. She's not happy about it but I'm not going to let her out so she just has to get over herself. But that's for short times. And then you can build duration gradually. I don't leave my dog outside when I'm out because I think she's much safer locked inside. It's pretty easy for someone nasty to chuck something really nasty over the fence or just misguided (neighbours keep chucking lamb bones over).

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    I would use my crate, to sleep my dog outside when i bush camp. Dog is already crate trained to be left in crate and is perfectly happy in there.
    The crate is an 'illusion' of containment, all of my dogs could rip the crate apart if they wished. Its not a strong crate.

    I started crate training, by feeding the dogs in there.
    Then popped them in when the vaccum was on with a chew toy
    then in crate for a long time with a marrow bone
    then in crate with a toy
    then in crate all night long outside my bedroom

    All of my dogs sleep in or out, the choice is theirs. They choose both. Part of night when its at its coldest, is inside, but then they get too hot, so move outside to cool off, even in winter.

    I can lock my dogs out of the house, whilst we are all still inside with no issue. Could i return home, keep the dogs locked out whilst im there but they cannot get in to greet me? NO way! They'd rip a door off to get to me to say hi. Its about knowing each individual dog.

    What if im late home from work? and they are locked out for longer? fine. the only problem is me being home, and not going to say hi to them.

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    Great, thanks for the info.

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