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Thread: How to stop a dog from barking

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    Hello friends! I've had a fair few people ask about how they can stop a dog from barking and so I decided to post a blog article about the topic. I hope that you can find something useful in there, if you're having problems with your dog barking. Any feedback about the article, or other useful methods would be highly appreciated.


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    not bad.

    Except I think putting your hand over an excited dog's face might be asking for trouble.

    I would humbly suggest teaching collar grab and then using a collar grab to interrupt the barking and move your dog away from the trigger.

    I taught my dog "quiet" or "enough" by first teaching her to "speak" and then working on the gaps between. No dog will give away something for free if they think there's a treat in it. Hence "speak" leads to "quiet".

    I would also stress the importance of not "joining in the barking" - you might think you're telling the dog off, but the dog thinks you are helping pass the alert message along (ever noticed how one dog in the neighbourhood starts barking and the rest pass the message along?).

    All round nice blog article. It is certainly a popular topic.

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