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Thread: Questions i have about aggression myths. Excuse ignorance, but im here to fix that

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    I can assure you that I know what a dobe and a rottie looks like. I have known some lovely ones with fab temperaments and I have also know some very aggressive ones that were just plain scary.
    They are breeds that I don't believe are suited to everyone simply because if things go wrong they can go very wrong.
    Breeders are also responsible for breeding ones with excellent temperaments, this may not always be the case.
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    OK I have to put my personal experience in here and some might poo poo it....i will anyway

    My Annabelle was very aggressive when we got her at 14 months and she got into several fights with our BC cross Golden ( who was actually the instigator)..........From a personal experience it was almost impossible to get her off the other dogs when she had a bite grip on her. We actually used a door wedge, made of redgum , to wedge her mouth open. She is not a terrier breed, I would say Newfies are more mastiff. But the GR cross BC was not easy either.......Once they go into that red rage mode I think almost any breed of dog is difficult. Some do have a weaker bite though. You can test that by just playing tug with some, some cannot hold and just let go, others will hold on no matter how much effort is made and have to be trained to let go.

    I now have two dogs who happily live together and get on well..another myth, it depends on who they live with...." bitches that fight will never be able to live together". The first fight was dreadful and lots of injuries. The second a year later was caused by another dog and not good either. But they have lived together now for six years and with our other dogs and never separated. Even withthe occasional squabble form the boys. So yes with good management and leadership dogs that start of aggressive can also be changed and live together
    Pets are forever

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