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Thread: In-house Obedience Training Schools in Sydney?

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    Default In-house Obedience Training Schools in Sydney?

    I am the proud new owner of a Groodle pup "Poppy".

    We have been training her at puppy school for a few months with great success... however the jumping up on people is still a HUGE problem and I would like to send her to in-house boarding training while I am away in July.

    Can anyone recommend a good boarding / training facility in or near Sydney?

    I would really appreciate the nay-sayers from withholding on this one - only because I have heard and understand that there are many out there who feel strongly about training the trainer - however we are planning to continue with puppy/dog training until all her problem behaviours are gone but need to fast-track this one due to our severely animal phobic daughter (upon psychologist advice - and we got the pup on psychologist advice also as a predictable well behaved dog is the best thing for her apparently and apparently Groodles can become that!! ).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi KatyJ

    I can't help you much because I'm a fan of train the trainer.

    I think there are a couple of places near Sydney that do what you want but avoid anything that involves "command" or "guard" in their name or has pictures of certain force based trainer named C something M something on their website.

    I would suggest contacting Steve Courtney or one of his staff - at and asking for recommendations. He used to do what you ask but generally doesn't any more. If your dog was at risk of being put to sleep he might take it on with a view to rehoming but I'm guessing that's not what you want.

    I've seen this one recommended by one of our Vic based trainer regulars in here
    Pet Resorts Australia

    but I've also seen people say they weren't happy with it - so up to you.

    Bear in mind that my dog is highly trained but she doesn't respond to anyone much but me. Certainly ignores my family when they ask her to do anything. And I'm useless at training them to train her.

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    Yep - I am also a fan of 'Train the trainer' and definitely not a fan of sending a dog to 'Dog School' while the owners are away !

    My question is - While you have been away - What have you learnt ?

    Jumping up is a problem with all dogs. It just depends how the owners deal with it !

    Have a look at this link and see what you think.

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    Let me get this right...You got the pup on psychologist advice...the answer is simple.

    What you need is a Dog Therapist...
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    The trouble with in house training is the dog will not be learning what are the rules in your house. Have you considered pain a trainer to come to you? I am sorry but there are no short cuts to training, it is repetitive and if what you are doing is not working ( I really get how annoying the jumping is) you need other strategies.
    Maybe you can fast track, though i can't see how, it does take time to embed positive change.
    Dogs do what is rewarding, in some way the jumping is getting your dog something they want, unless your response changes, they will continue.
    I know my dog never jumps on me but will jump at my husband sometimes as he doesn't consistently respond by ignoring it and turning away, I do. I might add that is not the way we stopped her but it is the way we maintain the learning. It took some time.
    The groodle is a mix so it depends how the genes blended as to which strategies will work best, poodles I know are very bright. Bright dogs can be hard to train as they work hard to get what THEY want.
    Best of luck.

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