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    Default toilet training young adult dogs

    I have 2 Chihuahua, 1 male 2years, 1 female 11 months.

    We have recently moved to an apartment and we are trying to toilet train them as indoor dogs.

    we try and take them out 3-4 times per day, once first thing in the morning, once at midday, once in the afternoon and once before bed.

    when inside, we have been getting them to use wee pads until we sort out a proper solution (have a porch potty type thing they are yet to use)

    the female is good with the wee pads, she will use it 90% of the time.

    the male usually holds it in to go outside, but when he does decide to use the wee mats because he cocks his leg it goes on the wall which is not ideal at all as it will ruin the surface over time.

    what do people with apartment dogs to do deal with dog cocking leg against things? obviously outdoor is the ideal option but i need an option for them to do inside.

    also I have a pet loo, how do i encourage them to use it rather than mats?

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    Hi Maccaz

    my current favourite dog trainer Susan Garrett - has recently toilet trained and entire litter of puppies to use kitty litter in a kitty litter tray. The recycled newspaper sort. Every time she found a puppy sniffing or squatting she put it in the tray and let it pee there. Any puppy found sleeping in the tray was removed. And she was quite vigilant about it and by 4 or 5 weeks they were routinely seeking out the litter tray.

    So it's about being as consistent as possible.

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    I had a client who taught their dog to go into the bathroom and toilet in the shower then they would just spray it down and remove any poo. I guess doing that meant that the leg cocking would just go on the shower tiles, so no issue.

    Is there a reason they can't hold it in between toilet outings or is there are reason you haven't started using the toilet on the porch?

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