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    Default Questions about crate training

    Hi all :-)

    I am about to start crate training my 7 month old pup and 10 year old bitch and have a few questions I am hoping can be answered :-)

    Here goes...

    The pup is almost 8 months old and 27kg. He is GSD X Malinois, but seems more like his (GSD) dad, who was quite big and very solid. What size crate should I get for him? 42" or 48"?

    The 10 year old won't be a problem as she doesn't chew, but I am worried about the pup chewing up his bedding inside the crate. Any advice on how to avoid this?

    Also, cover or no cover? I intend to have them sleeping inside during the cooler months, and on the deck in the warmer months...

    Thanks in advance :-)

    Gen Y

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    It is a good idea that you are taking into account adult size of your pup. My boys in the past have preferred the 48” crate and my girls the 42” crate. I like the crates that have 2 doors – makes placement around the house easier.

    Shop around because there are big differences in prices and quality – and – don’t forget to cost in freight.

    48" dog crate | eBay

    dog crate in Brisbane Region, QLD | Pet Products | Gumtree Australia Free Local Classifieds

    As far as covers for the crates - I have used what I already have like sheets, blankets and doona covers.

    Bedding for the crate – is very simple and easy - cot mattress, cot sheet or single sheet and blankets. My 2 get a pillow each – which they use !

    I haven’t had any trouble with my 2 destroying stuff – so can’t help you there. Though I wish my little girl would stop taking my undies for a ‘waltz’ around the front yard ! Op Shops are good places to buy stuff cheaply - so if it gets trashed you are not losing too much money.

    There should be heaps of info about crate training from the links that have been put up previously for you.

    Crate training is very worthwhile and will make life a lot easier for you. Good Luck !

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    I don't choose crate by dog weight...

    I choose by can my dog stand up, stretch, turn around and then curl up and go to sleep. Or for one of them - lie on her side with her feet sticking out straight (you know how they do).

    So one of my crates is maybe a little bit small but she can stand up straight and turn around comfortably in it and it's only used for short term stays eg evening training.

    So when your biggest dog is snoozing on her side - I'd measure length and foot to ear tips, and get something that will accommodate that with room to spare.

    The other one is huge - I can put my dog in, and another dog (actually the small one fits her and a bull terrier but they're pretty cosy), water bowl, and two fans - that was the crate I had for all day lectures in Queensland (hot). Needed to be big and airy.

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