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Thread: Do This - dog learns by immitation?

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    Default Do This - dog learns by immitation?

    I read once that its possible to teach a dog to imitate what you do and thought I would try this one day.

    The last 3 weeks I have been doing this with my 'pup'.

    Any one else tried some thing like this? Its made for some ...erm...interesting changes in behaviour.
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    I haven't "taught" my dog to copy me - she just does.

    Eg if I yell at a dog for peeing on my stuff - she does too, and then we both together pre-emptively drive off loudly any dog that so much as sniffs my stuff...

    If I yell at a human to pick up after their dog (after they have refused a bag etc) - I have to make sure my dog is on lead before I start - or she will erm... help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strange fruit View Post
    I read once that its possible to teach a dog to imitate what you do and thought I would try this one day.

    The last 3 weeks I have been doing this with my 'pup'.

    Any one else tried some thing like this? Its made for some ...erm...interesting changes in behaviour.
    I really need more information on this - please !

    What have you been doing with your 'pup' in the last 3 weeks ?

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    Pups mum has always been the same. I have to be careful not to let my feelings for people I don't like show. Part of the reason I thought I would try this.

    Its actualy hard keeping it random enough. I started by asking her to push the buttons on a babies Zylophone. One she got that,Pull a tissue from a box, lift one foot, then the other, Lift both, turn a full circle. pick things up and throw them. My son wants me to teach her to blow bubbles. She will often stick her head into her water dish up to her eyeballs and blow bubbles, so we hope to use a straw to teach her to do it on command.

    I could use more ideas keeping it simple. Its cool seeing how she interprets things. ie; turning a full circle, some times she will circle around me. If shes not sure, she will often try things we have done before So MUST get it more random- and not forget her usual training.

    But shes imitating so much more now, on her own. tried to get tissue off the toilet roll, and if I'm looking out the window, shes a lot more likely to put her feet up to see too, or look at some ones phone. We tried to get her to switch on a little LED light. She tried and failed so we moved on. Last night, 3 times I found the light on and turned it off, then we watched her do it again.Oh, and she sits on the lounge like I sit LOL. I think we have created a monster. Lots of fun for us both tho', and it will be easy to name the action later, to to train specific things.
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    Need some more ideas - Do you ? Try these links !

    I love watching my 2 work things out.

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    I don't know about imitating but I know my GSD Tara (God rest her soul) learnt how to open the back screen door by watching me open it.

    She would jump up and push the handle down...door opens and out she goes. Then along comes Chloe and she does exactly the same thing...very smart those GSD girls.
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    Grandma dog is an escape artist! We have long ago had to make all gates and outer doors to the house dog proof, inside ones are way too easy and all just open with a push, so ours haven't had much chance to learn opening doors etc.

    LOL Riley,

    I clearly haven't been thinking! I just need to train her to do my house work! I need to stop and think before I do things to ask if SHE might be able to do it!

    Lots of great ideas there. Looking after my 4 month old Grand daughter makes internet use pretty hard . Bad enough I keep timing out here any way, now I'm getting interupted every few minutes too, and thats when shes supposed to be sleeping.Sigh.

    P.S pups not much help with bub, too busy trying to imitate bub to get some of that attention, but her mum is
    fantastic! My daughter says she'd suckle her if she could, and woe to any who looks like they are not behaving with the baby.
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    'Strange fruit' - When I was a very poor and young uni student - with 2 GSPs - and I have to add - and it was also a very long time ago !

    Friday afternoons was babysitting duties for us for one of our neighbours !

    I never got paid - but the pups did !

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    It might yet end up the same here. Daughter and SIL are most impressed with Bubs protectors!

    I spoke too soon re; "The Pup" She will need to be desensitized a bit . Not sure WHO she was defending since Bub was on my knee, But I think it was Bub since my daughter was holding eye contact with Bub while pretending to 'Stalk" her. I heard a low growl and luckily- Pup was matching step for step coming along side me from the opposite side.. She settled for a pat from my daughter as soon as I said her name and reasured her+ my daughter relaxed her stance. But I'm going to have to watch her while she hones her reading people skills and can judge serious.

    At least I know her mum gives the benefit of the doubt to family and will only put herself between and push back.

    My older grandaughter is learning fast and helping me with training, they have a ball, but haven't tried much new yet, except their own games of chase, or 'Whos hand is on top. This is FUN!! We still haven't got around to anything usefull tho'. to me.
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    We do a lot teach by imitation....if we cannot "shape" a dog, or they do not "get" an water excercise, we show them physically.......Sometimes us and often with another dogs. We had one dog who would not retrieve..we got her as "damaged goods" at 14 months.I tried click and tret, we tried by shaping and she just would not..........Well she stayed on the boat whilst all the other newfies worked around her doing their day I threw the bumper attached by rope to the boat for another dog and she jumped off the boat, took the bumper and just pulled the boat in...has ever since when asked. Since that event about 6 years ago I have often showed dogs what to do and also used happy confident dogs to show other dogs how things are done.....I love working this way. there are so many ways to teach. The important thing is not to think there is only one way. Stay open minded and try differnt things for differnt dogs....getting dogs from puppy is easy, but rescued dogs make you have to think outside the box
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