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Thread: Do This - dog learns by immitation?

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    Yep, You have my admiration for that!

    I have had few "rescues" and tho' I have been been able to help overcome some issues, theres a lot I've just learned to live with.
    A friend who has one of my pups has taken her own "rescues" from the pound as grown working breeds( sheps, Rotties, ridgies and dobes) and blows me away with how social and well adjusted she turns them.

    A lot more skill in that, and I love seeing these dogs with a new lease on life.

    Pups Dad learned almost everything by watching me train my bitch, till I took over his training from O.H. Sit, down, heal etc.All off lead just to earn the treats and praise. But this is the 1st time I've set out to conciously teach to imitate. the line seems perfectly suited.
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    herding dogs often learn this way. Weirdly the competition herding training - I've been to - the dogs get started solo. But they do get to watch the other dogs working. Tho some of them get over excited and spend the entire time barking their heads off (coach/cheer leaders?) instead of learning.

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    I like that a bunch of cheer leaders
    Pets are forever

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