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Thread: On Leash Agression (towards other dogs)

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    Thanks so much for your kind words, Hyacinth and RileyJ - it means so much to me. After last night, I felt so disillusioned - not in the pup, but in my ability to control and train him. It's a tough gig.

    I'm lucky that our local dog park is not super popular, so there's never a lot of dogs there, and the dogs in there are mostly very friendly. Knowing I had to work this afternoon, I took him to the dog park. When we first got there, an old dog approached us when we were still between the two gates and Bruno went nuts. Knowing he is fine with other dogs, I made him sit, gave him a treat and made him wait. He did and then went into the park and had a great old time with the other dog and another couple of dogs that turned up while we were there. He's not actually particularly into other dogs, to be honest. He seems to enjoy their company, but the adult Labs and Golden Retrievers there this morning, were far more interactive with each other than my pup tends to be. So off leash, he is actually extremely well behaved around other dogs.

    Anyway, after we left the dog park, there was an interesting (read: scary) looking dog in the back of a ute only a few metres from our car. I kept my pup's attention and we walked back and forth a little way from the other dog, which was barking its head off at us. It only took about 5 minutes for me to feel confident I could get my pup in the boot without going off at the other dog. Success!! Yes!

    Anyway, I have hope. I am such a pessimistic hag, that I honestly thought that after last night, we would be in big trouble. It was such a shame because he was an angel at obedience on Monday night and we were actually elevated to class 2, which I felt was quite an achievement for us :-)

    Thanks again and sorry I keep droning on about it! I'm a bit obsessive and I really want to get on top of it.

    On another note, how's this for crazy? There's a local guy who walks 3 Ridgebacks and they walk like angels. Today I saw him riding his bike with them jogging beside him. I am so impressed by that. I'd love to get to that point one day (not that I can see me ever having 3 dogs!).


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    Oh and as for socialisation, I'm not huge on dog parks and we don't actually go that often. When we do, it's only really to burn off some steam on days when I work. Like I said, he likes other dogs, but he seems to like me more, which is good. It was interesting to watch him in the dog park this morning - I had to take our 7 year old to school and left my husband with our 4 year old (child) and the pup. As I was walking away, the pup followed me along the fence and looked longingly at me while I walked away. He loves me, I'm telling you! I'm the one who does all his training and exercise, so he doesn't really have rapport with my husband, but it was really interesting to see him as I was walking away today...

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    'Gen Y' - Of course he loves you ! You are his primary caregiver ! It is in his best interests to do so !

    The best things I can suggest are - put a smile on your dial, add a spring in your step and talk to your pup – when you go for your walk with him ! His focus on you is very important.

    High value treats also are very important – at this stage. Put a ‘bum bag’ around your waist with the treats – Do they still call them that - ‘bum bag’ ?

    Let him be involved in all of your prep for going for a walk – a couple of treats while you are getting organised will get his attention.

    Confuse him on your walks. Don’t do the same old, same old. You would be surprised how much training you can do with your pup just walking up the road to the next intersection and back home again !

    Getting the pup to use his brain will exhaust him a lot easier than just exercise alone.

    Walks with all of the family a possibility ?

    Did you read the link I put up on socialisation ? If not – then please do. Socialisation of your pup involves a lot more than just playing with other dogs at a park.

    I am really pleased to read that your Monday night ‘Dog School’ training sessions are going well !
    Keep it up ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

    P.S. If you were impressed with the gentleman on his bike with the 3 ridgies - have a look at this !

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