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Thread: Visiting the dreaded vet!

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm after a little advice from anyone who may have been in a similar situation to us. Here is some background:

    Last year our 3 year old staffy x mastiff had two veterinary visits which I believe have left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

    1. Attacked by our two next door neighbours dog - ok at the vet
    2. Very soon after the attack he develops a bad ear infection, vet vaccinates him no drama (normal yearly vaccination), she then goes to touch/examine his ear, he lunges and growls/snaps at her, he is muzzled - the rest of the exam no is problem
    3. Repeat visit for ear infection above as drops aren't working, new vet says we'll have to sedate him due to his behaviour last time, however she tries the muzzle on him and works within his comfort zone - no problem and no sedation required
    4. Last week he goes back to the vet (8 months later from previous visit) different vet this time as we've moved states - he is not having any of it (we're not even in the exam room at this point) and basically he is petrified. The muzzle was not sufficient and in the end he was sedated so they could look at his ear.

    Up until this point we've been planning a move back to New Zealand and obviously want to take our mutts with us. I am now concerned that the vetting requirements are going to be too much for him, I don't want him to feel like he has to lash out in fear, and I equally can't send him off to be dealt with by vets (unsupervised by us) due to the risk he now poses.

    He has always been such a friendly dog that I was completely taken aback by his level of fear aggression - I felt terrible that I had to put him through this.

    We are going to start desensitisation at the vets in the hope that he can get to a decent level of comfort.

    Anybody else's dog have an aversion to the vet? Or has anyone moved country with their dog who didn't like the vet? I guess I'm putting it out there in the hopes that someone else has been in my shoes and made it work! We are petrified that it'll all be too much for him, and we can't bare the thought of him not coming with us - I really don't think my conscience would allow me to move without him.

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    I did have one just recently, harry.One of my newfie rescues had a great fear of vets...

    firstly you need a co-operative vet practise.i have one now. I just visited them once a week, the girls gave him treats and intially I would fiddle with all of his bits and pieces (feet, ear, eyes and mouth) and after that the girls would.nothing really happened and he was just treated. We got so well know, some of the vets would stop and say hi and check him over...Now i teach all of my dogs at home with clicker training to have their feet, ears and mouth handled and poked.i do it all the time and they are rewarded.i clean ears i even use ear-buds, not too far, just for the feel and i also do lots in and around their mouths and feet. including toe nail clipping and checking between the toes......

    So all of this is good at home and we take it over to hopefully get good at the vet..I also use "check" which means my dogs lie down and get handled all over and also "stand" and I do the same...i get a lot of newfie or just any type of Rescue dogs through and they all go through this.......

    Also when I go to the vet with a good dog for any reason, I take a new on or worried one along just for the trip and if there is time they even get the once over and given is a lot of work, but it works and my dogs love going to our vets and now any vet.

    if I had to muzzle a dog, i would again teach it to muzzle with clicker trainiing and i would make it a pleasant experience at home and arrive at the vet muzzled and reward for being good/quiet and co operative..don't leave training until you need it. train before you need it and make it a happy place for them..

    We also do this with all our pups.the vets love it as our huge dogs are so easy to handle and they often do quick fit-in visits, becuase they say our dogs are so easy. So start at home with your dog getting used to having his ears done and make it a lot of fun with good rewards........

    you may have to start with a very quick touch and just make it closer and closer to what you want, step by step.....I love clicker training, it fixes those things. "yes" is just as good as a "click"
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