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Thread: My old dog is pooing on the chook food!!

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    Exclamation My old dog is pooing on the chook food!!


    My old, (16) kelpie/heeler cross has started to poo on or near the chook food. Recently we have been letting the chooks into the vege garden to scratch around and fertilise for us but the dog has been getting in and eating their scraps and then pooing right on top of the scraps or the layer pellets! The garden is well fenced and the door blocked so the chooks can come and go but not the dog, but he finds a way! How can I persuade him that this is not the ideal situation! The chooks are free ranging in the yard and the dog is well loved and seemingly gets lots of attention from us but this is getting out of control. He will now even eat lettuce leaves and tomato that he previously turned his nose up at just so he is not missing out on something. We give him a share of whatever they are having but he muscles them out of the way and eats theirs too!

    I know this must be a territorial thing for him but it is driving me nuts as we can't just give the chooks some scraps to eat without watching over them. He even has spent a day stuck in the chook house while we were at work because of this unsatiable desire! Also he gobbles up any chook poop too! I know this is fairly normal but pretty disgusting for us :-)

    I would appreciate any ideas or tactics I could use to stop or decrease this behavior because we are at the point of getting rid of the chooks but don't really want too.


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    Hi 'jbee' and welcome to the forum ! Would love to see some photos of your pup and the chickens !

    WoW – 16 - That is a good age for your pup !

    I can only suggest a few things for you – because it would be a shame to get rid of the chickens !

    Have a look at changing how you feed them – if you are feeding pellets:

    Can you change your fencing design to stop your pup getting into the chicken house - but still allow the chickens easy access ?

    As far as the pup eating the poo - just make sure he is up to date with all his worming ! My 2 love all the koala, hare and other poo they find in the yard - so I gave up trying to stop them !
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    This may seem insanely inconvenient, but I would be taking him out into the yard on lead and supervising. If he shows no interest in the vegie patch or chooks, let him off lead, tell him what a good dog he is, maybe give him a nice brush or pat or whatever attention he likes...

    If he decides to go check out the forbidden territory - I'd put him back on lead for a bit and be boring for a while. Then let him off again to see what his decision is.

    You might want to prevent access - eg shut the dog door when you're out (depending how safe the house is if he's shut in there - my dog just sleeps - all the destruction happens when I'm home and don't pay attention when she wants.

    Kelpies are smart - he should figure out pretty quickly - any time he goes near the chock patch - he goes on lead. But if you're putting fun things there like chooks, chook poo, chook pellets (mostly the same as dry dog food), and food scraps - it's not going to be easy.

    Like putting you in a room full of your favourite things, telling you, you can't have any and then leaving. Now imagine you have the self control of a 2 yo toddler...

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