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Thread: Puppy barking at the trampoline when kids jumping

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    Default Puppy barking at the trampoline when kids jumping

    Hi there, our 5 month old border collie x Heeler will bark like crazy every time the kids jump on the trampoline. She also runs around underneath it and now that she's bigger, jumps onto it! The barking is the worst part but how to stop it?

    We have tried treats, toys, rating with water to no avail. My kids just want to lock her inside now which is not only mean but she cries at the door and jumps on it.

    Any tips appreciated.

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    Hi 'Kat Minato' and welcome to the forum !

    How much training have you and your family done with your pup ?

    Do the kids have much contact or play time with the pup ?

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    Hi, and thanks!

    We have had one on one dog training (my daughter and I with the trainer) and we have been practicing those commands at home. We take her for a daily walk (sometimes twice). She has off leash time where she runs fetches balls and plays with other dogs. The kids have plenty of contact time with her but as they are older they tend to get disinterested quickly! She has been sleeping on their room recently too.

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    My husband flies hang gliders and my girl was hysterical barking at him flying overhead. I sat on a sand dune top next to her for nearly 2 hours before she gave up, has never bothered since. In fact now she associates them with him and wags her tail. Might work if you have the time.

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