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Thread: Train to hunt vermin

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    We have a 10 month old Staffy boxer and we are wondering how we go about helping her with her hunting skills (As in catching mice)
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    Why do you want her to hunt?

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    I'd have thought that a staffy x boxer would have the wrong shaped nose to catch mice. Where as a Jack Russell has no problems dispatching them - no training required.

    A friend's border terriers are also great at dispatching rodents. Way more effective than cats - tho the back yard does look like a moon scape (all dug up).

    I guess if you get yourself a "flirt pole" and some fake fur - that would be a start, play with the dog like you play with a cat with a bit of newspaper on a piece of string...

    My dog - she likes chasing mice and she tells me where they are but she won't dispatch them at all, nothing I can do will persuade her to chomp on one. She will carry it super gently from the edge of the lawn to the centre but then she releases it intact so it can run to the edge again... (and escape) if she wasn't so gentle - I'd think she was a cat in a past life.

    While I use cage traps to catch the mice (they're great - can catch five mice in one trap) - I don't give her the opportunity to dispatch them any more.

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    While both of the breeds which make up your pup are hunters - mixed together who knows what you get !

    I have known of only one boxer in the past, that was a hunter and he was a farm dog. But he was very selective in what he went after. Rabbits and pigs interested him - and he left the mice to the house cats !

    Has she shown any interest at all or does she just ignore them ?

    If the mouse problem is a big one - look at traps and maybe get a pussy cat !

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