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Thread: Guidance/help with crate toilet-training

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    Question Guidance/help with crate toilet-training

    Hi, guys
    I'm just after some guidance/advice. Please forgive me whilst I try to explain myself adequately, haha. I picked up my eight-week-old Golden Retriever, Remy, yesterday.
    I'm attempting to toilet-train her using the crate train method, however, I have read soooo many different things, so I'm just not sure if I am doing it correctly, and the last thing I want to do is confuse Remy.
    I am using a metal play pen, and have placed it in the spare bedroom. I have put her bed in the corner of the pen, with some of her toys and couple of puppy wee pads on the (carpeted) floor. It's enough room for her to get in and out of her bed, but not enough room for her to pee somewhere and then avoid it by sitting on the other side of the pen.

    Basically, what I have been doing is:
    -- We woke at 6.00am today, I took her outside on her leash, put her on the grass and told her to "do wees" - which she did after about five minutes. I praised her, let her say hello to Archie (my housemate's Dog), then brought her inside for breaky - her bowl was next to (but not in) her pen. After she finished eating, I took her back outside (on the leash) and she defecated. I praised her again, let her a quick play with Archie, then put her back into her pen whilst I returned to bed.
    -- When I got up, I took her outside and commanded her to "do wees" again, which she did, however took a while longer this time as she was too busy wanting to play with Archie. I let her play outside with Archie for around an hour or so. I then had to go out, so I put Remy back in her playpen. Upon returning to home, Remy was fast asleep. I let her wake up of her own accord, then took her outside. She did the right thing, and was praised. I let her play with Archie some more, then, to get her used to the whole pen thing, I placed her back there. I just took her out of her pen and outside, where she peed within five minutes. She is currently still outside playing with Archie, whilst I supervise from a distance.

    Am I on the right track with this? Is it okay to leave her outside once she has eliminated so she can play with Archie? Once I bring her back inside, do I place her back in her pen? Or let her explore an area of the house?
    Should I bring her inside once eliminating so she can explore the house?

    She peed on the puppy pads last night whilst sleeping in there - I'm not too overly concerned with the whole sleeping the crate thing, as she is going to (hopefully) be an outside Dog (sleeping in a kennel). I'm just mainly concerned with eliminating inside. We've had one accident inside so far, besides that - (she sneaked into the lounge room and peed on the carpet) Haha
    Any advice/guidance would be great! I feel like I'm not doing it properly :/

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    Lots of threads back through the pages. I replied on another forum.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Looks like you're on the right track.

    Just don't expect an 8 week old puppy to pee when there are distractions like another dog - so might be better to reward peeing when you ask - with a play after - but prevent play (keep the other dog away out of sight) until the pee is done.

    Also an 8 week old puppy will not be able to hang on all night - I took mine (at 10 weeks) out at 10:30pm, 1:30am, 4:30am, 6am and gradually pushed out the time of the gaps over several weeks.

    The less accidents inside - the faster the dog learns where the right place is to pee.

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