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Thread: Susan Garrett - Dog training live coaching call 9am Sydney time Tues 2nd Dec

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    Default Susan Garrett - Dog training live coaching call 9am Sydney time Tues 2nd Dec

    This is my current fave dog training guru - making available a live coaching call.

    It is her marketing for Handling 360 but she usually hands out useful and easy dog training tips anyway. One of her main goals is to make the world a better place for dogs. So most of the money we've invested in her - she's invested in better dog training facilities and better people training tech. something to do with those long cold winters in Canada - tho she spends a fair bit of those in Oz and NZ training us.

    Susan Garrett - Dog training for Agility Handling live coaching call open to anyone willing to hand over their email. This is an intro peek invite.
    Live Coaching Session With Susan Garrett

    time is 6:30pm Toronto time 1st Dec or
    9:30 am Adelaide Time 2nd December ie about 12 hours from now

    Check with
    Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

    So imagine if you could train with a world champion coach in your favourite sport... I can't do that in Hockey but I can do it with dog training.

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    Up for one day...

    The epic H360 video webinar recording has been posted for everyone not just people who have joined.


    where to sign up
    Link to join up (note there is a money back guarantee for limited time - if you're not happy).
    There is a monthly payment option
    If you can't find the right link to pay - send an email to * *
    this link includes the all in one payment option and the monthly installment option
    closes next Thurs (toronto time)

    what does SG do if the dog knocks a bar at trial (not training)
    Knocked bar on course - SG completes the course and then makes a record of what she needs to work on at training. It's important not to make a fuss at trial if things go wrong - chances are the bar was knocked because of handler error (not setting your dog up into the jump correctly)

    There's plenty of video of SG doing international competition that show this on youtube

    what is "proprioception"
    - this is body awareness - how you know where your hand is when you put it behind your back
    (you can read Oliver Sachs books to find out what happens if it is broken)

    what is a jump bump and a spider
    (copy link and watch later)

    What would SG do if she couldn't use verbal cues (laryngitus) or the dog was deaf
    I don't know.

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