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Thread: Love the dog you're with...

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    Default Love the dog you're with...

    was cruising through a thread about someone who wanted to get "the best dog for ... sport"

    and wanted something really "high drive" for their first dog. Someone else posted this link by way of warning. It's an entertaining read.

    And I sometimes need to remind myself - while I think it might be easier with a puppy do-over... I've learned so much from this dog and I would still be reefing dogs off their feet for pulling on lead if I didn't get her... She doesn't need me to yank her off her feet - she does that all by herself. All it takes is a rude oodle cross zooming by (nyah nyah can't get me)... Or the kids on the way to school... Or the garbage truck...

    Love the one you’re with, idiot. | The Dog Snobs

    Russian Dances With Dog - ENORMOUS DOG (is that a newfie? or a bear?)
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    Guess I'd kinda fit into that category .. I knew huskies were apparently high energy, but I wanted one so bad. I loved the personalities. He was to be the first dog I'd ever owned myself (but I've grown up with plenty). I remember the first couple of days after I got him, I was so stressed out to the effect of "why did I do this to myself", wondering what he'd be like as he grew up .. but a year on now and I can't believe that ever even crossed my mind. He's probably the laziest husky you've ever seen (still has his spikes of energy, but it's not constant full on energy), and doesn't conform to anything I've read about huskies at all (well, except the hair) .. but that makes him more awesome IMO

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    Well I have a very high drive one believed me, but when she stayed at the vet for the day, she was so amazed. Called her a springer on steroids. I work with what i have...newfoundland dogs are not the lazy dog so many people see.mine are super active and fit too, but kind. It is all about keeping them fit and lean

    Love the dancing with the brown newfie, A lot of work went into that
    Pets are forever

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