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    Hi this is Amelie. 1795696_10205040660205890_181270119219447161_n.jpg
    She is my friend's dog in our sharehouse. A year ago she was completely fine on walks really well behaved and happy. The last few weeks however from the moment either me or her owner place the lead on her collar to the time we reach the other side of our street she barks seemingly at nothing or at us I'm not sure. It's upsetting because shes a sweety but parents pull their children away etc because they think shes aggressive. Other recent bad behavior is barking aggrassively at other dogs on the leash (but completely find off leash).

    Any ideas on training her not to bark on the first 5 minutes of the walk?


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    Each time she barks, turn around and go back indoors. Repeat to she 'gets it', she'll then offer silence to get out of the door.
    Give her something to carry in her mouth, hard to bark with a ball in your face, newspaper to hold etc.

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    I was having major problems with my dog getting out the front door - she'd go off - just to make sure all the neighbourhood cats knew she was coming. And if there were any kids or people around - she'd bark at them too.

    Now - we don't go out the door, until she's quiet, in fact if we open the door and she gets up from a sit without permission, we shut the door on her face. And start over.

    It has hugely improved her behaviour over the whole walk.

    You've been rewarding (encouraging) the barking by allowing your dog to keep walking... if you yell at her to "be quiet" she will think you approve of her barking - because you just joined in and helped. Like neighbourhood dogs do - when they hear one dog go off, all the others "help" by barking too.

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