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Thread: Food aggression directed at cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silhouette90 View Post
    Thank you all for your help and advice. My BC hasn't done it again since the other day but I will be doing some training with her anyway just to be safe. As requested, I have attached some pics of my baby girls!!!! Seras, my BC is 2. And Magic, my cat is almost 17!!
    Nice photos. Training is always good. However I have found over the years that other animals will sense weakness in old animals. I have observed that when dogs age and become more frail, they can sometimes have aggression shown towards them by younger, often once submissive dogs, particularly around food or resources.

    I would be inclined to err on the safe side and protect your old cat and just make sure that bowls with food in them are not left where they may spark an incident.

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    My previous dog used to attack other dogs when they came within meters of her empty food bowl. I wish I'd always put the bowl away when not in use, but in those days I still believed in free feeding.

    So I second the advice to not leave the bowl. And supervise meal times to avoid incidents. Personally I think it's justified for a dog to warn off other pets when they try eat out of their bowl while the dog is eating. Our foster cats will often try that one if I'm not on the ball and my dog will tell them off and they won't try it again.

    But it's different if the dog isn't actually eating. It probably creates some stress in the dog too if they feel they have to guard that bowl all the time. So better to save them the trouble by keeping it safe for them.

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