And Bernie, she actually warmed to us quite quickly. I'll just have to see how she deals with strangers and new places and other dogs, etc. But she might end up not being as timid as the previous carer said. In her previous home there are lots of pets coming and going all the time and probably very little one on one time with anyone.

I took her for a walk this morning at our "private" walking spot. I'm a big believer in taking advantage of this stage when their instinct to stay close to "mum" is still so strong. She was a real joy. Happy, bouncy puppy vibes all the way. She ran after Banjo, who was trying to flush out any potential rabbits hiding in the long grass as usual, but wouldn't move further than 10 meters away from me. Only took 2 goes for her to start asking for a treat for coming back to me. No cue yet, so lots of rewards for FA effort. And lots of ridiculously cheerful and silly "Helloooo you!" exclamations. I do really love this stage. How can interactions like that not lift your mood? And fantastic for bonding.

The only other living creature we saw was a landscaper near the street when we walked through the fenced dog park. She was very alert, but not fearful at that distance.