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Thread: dog accepting food from other people

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    Default dog accepting food from other people

    how can i train my dog to stop accepting food from anyone accept for me?

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    I think you have to treat it like an "its yer choice" moment...

    Ie allow your dog to think about getting a treat from someone else - while you have control ie dog on lead.. and when puppy looks back to you - give them a treat you have. Ie each time they choose to look to you instead of someone else for food --- reward that.

    My dog is a total fail at this and so many people get joy from giving her treats. The worst one - I have persuaded to give me the treats but I have to keep my dog on lead near her or my dog mugs her and gets rewarded for it. There' another lady - down the beach - we have a similar problem - so I "premack" the treats. I allow my dog to join in the treat queue as long as she doesn't pull and doesn't jump up and pays some attention to me first. And sometimes (guilty - I'm not perfect) - I let her mug the chicken lady.

    Chicken lady likes it. She gets what she rewards... I have zero chance of training the treat ladies. Only my dog. Some days I get a handful of chicken from the chicken lady and work on my dog paying attention to me instead of chicken lady... but chicken lady prefers being the dog treat goddess... she thinks I'm being mean when I don't let my dog mug her for treats...

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    What you are looking to teach your pup is called ‘food refusal’.

    The way I teach it is start with their meals. Make pup sit and use a code word for permission to eat. Extend the time between sitting and the code word given.

    Bring the code word into any food/treats that are given by you to your pup.
    What do people say now ? – rinse and repeat many times !

    Just be very careful what you are trying to achieve here. Is it family included or just strangers or are you afraid of your pup being poisoned ? Your reason will then dictate how you go about teaching this.

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