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    I have a 9 1/2 month old cattle dog x beagle and he has been fine up until about two weeks ago when i went away for two days he just started barking at night over nothing at around sunset and it's been getting worse with him waking up in the middle of the night/ early morning and through out the day and he is causing real problems for me between neighbours and my family ( who are totally not dog people and want him gone basically).

    It seems the more i try to train him to stop the worse it gets. I have been running and taking him to the park even more ( 2 hours of a morning and 2 hours of an afternoon), the morning walk keeps him tired and asleep for most of the day but then come around 4 in the afternoon it just doesn't stop. He gets two good sized meals a day, his water bowl is always full, has a comfy sleeping area outside. Im just lost because nothing has changed since before he started barking so I don't know what it is. He literally just walks around the backyard and sides of the house barking at nothing it seems.

    Is there anyone that can give me some advice? Is a shock collar the way to go? I am desperate because i've literally been handed a month to either train him out of it, move out or my dog goes

    any advice would go a long way!


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    There's probably something.

    Like a cat, or a possum or magpies - they've started singing at about 4:30am...

    I take it you leave this dog outside all night? Maybe that's got to stop.

    In your post - I don't see any "Training" only exercise. The more you exercise a dog, the fitter they get and the more exercise they need to tire them out. You'd be better off to do one hour of exercise and one hour of trick training. Mental "exercise" wears them out as much if not more than running.

    First thing I'd teach is "bark on cue" with treats. Ie give "barking" a value that is not to be wasted on possums. Only reward barking with pats / praise / treats when you've cued it. Ignore all other barking (except burglars).

    Ok don't ignore the nuisance barking but be careful not to reward it by yelling at dog or giving him attention.

    So what I've done with my dog, is if she's taken to barking in the middle of the night - which occasionally she decides that the Freight train that goes by at about 3:30am is "unacceptable" and I need to be told (WTF)... I put a collar on her so I can do a "collar grab". Second time she starts barking - I grab the collar and hold her in her bed until she calms down or rolls over (she volunteers that), and stops barking. I don't say anything, I just hold her still and be boring until she gets over herself. And then I let go. I don't praise the lack of barking or evil hound will wake me up for a pat and an ear rub and attention. ie back chain bark and get pats...

    The other thing I use for barking is a crate. First you have to crate train a dog to like being in the crate... and the crate has to have a cover that you can put so that the dog can't see out. Dog only gets to see out when the dog is quiet... When you first start this part, you can throw some kibble in if the dog is quiet for a period of time (3 seconds to start with) and then gradually build duration.

    Crate training has lots of tricks connected with it too.

    Do some googling on "shaping", "clicker training" (you can use the word "yes" instead of a clicker), and "trick training dogs".

    Try to teach your dog one new trick a week. Spend about 5 minutes on each session then have a play with your dog (chase a toy, tug, chase the boss)...

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