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One of the main causes of a dog's aggressiveness is usually due to dog owners themselves. The dog’s owner behavior, attitude and the wrong choice of training methods like physical violence, constant reprimands, teasing or ignorance can lead to the development of aggressiveness in a dog. Dogs also tend to develop this undesirable behavior if they are consistently chained, under-fed or excessively punished.
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You seem to either know a lot about dog aggression or at least have a very strong opinion about it.

I have a 2yo American Pit Bull Terrier named Bailey. She had never showed signs of dog aggression up until recently when she was attacked by another dog on our walk. She now lunges, nips and occasionally growls when introduced to other dogs. Im making the assumption that this is fear aggression yet she seems to have all the confidence in the world when meeting new dogs. If you could please give me some advice on this, Id be very appreciative Cheers