I was very moved this morning by something that would've gone unnoticed by or seemed very trivial to most outsiders.

Our foster kelpie pup was lying on my bed while I had my morning coffee when the foster cat jumped on the bed. All that happened was that the pup jumped up and came straight to me and sat down and leaned against my shoulder as the cat walked across the bed.

For nearly 4 months (!) now I've been trying to condition her into not herding/chasing the cats. With very little noticeable effect. I've used distraction by calling her to me and then rewarding and managed to get her to do a pretty good LAT. But I haven't really even had the time or energy to use these methods consistently.

It is so very rewarding to see the pup make a choice to do the "right" thing, against her strongest instinct and then react like she seemed to know that it was a significant event that wouldn't go unnoticed by me. If I wouldn’t have been sitting in bed, I would’ve given her an extra breakfast for that! A whole raw steak even! But she was happy with pats and lavish praise for now. There will hopefully be more opportunities to give her more tangible jackpots.