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Thread: Dog jumping on guests

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    Ok. We started full of enthusiasm and got stuck at the first hurdle. We cannot trigger Banjo to jump on us! I even let my daughter do it as she doesn't have quite as much control over her, but nope, nothing. My daughter was jumping up and down, waving her arms, making silly noises and Banjo came and sat in front of her and kept her bum firmly planted on the floor. Good exercise to proof a sit, but no good for tackling the jumping on non-family members with our dog! Not sure where to go from here now...

    On another note, I've changed the way I react to her incessant trying to lick my face and that is actually working to my surprise. All I did was to turn my face away in as dramatic a way as possible without speaking. Before we tried "No licking" and a tap on the nose, which really didn't do squat. I now also have a rule about not letting her giving my hand more than 5 licks. I don't want to stop her altogether because I think the urge to express herself through licking is partly genetic. I think some breeds just are more licky. But it makes me sad that we still get so annoyed with her so often over the face licking.

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    Frosty doesn't lick me, but she loves licking strangers... or family members like my brother and my mum...

    Every now and again she gets really excited and licks me but usually in the presence of a human lollipop (not me). Like she missed the lollipop and got me.

    That's the trouble with training - you can get it all sorted out with the people your dog sees every day but when it comes to new people seen less often, very tricky.

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