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Thread: Jumping on the door.

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    Default Jumping on the door.

    Hi, I have just taken on a 8 month old puppy that is jumping on the glass sliding door. He does it when you are at the door but also if he sees you through the door. I am addressing the jumping up whilst Iam at the door by waiting for him to sit before I let him in and this is improving slowly. It's the jumping up at other times that's more a problem, has anyone got any ideas on how to stop this. His previous owner has allowed him to jump up on anything and everyone so it's quite well reinforced behaviour. Thanks

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    You're already doing the right thing but as you said, the behaviour has been reinforced so it will take some time. Ignore any behaviour you don't like. He jumps on the glass to get your attention so he needs to learn that is ineffective and in fact worse than doing nothing, because while doing nothing (just sitting there etc) he might get let in but he will never get let in, or get attention if he's jumping on the door.

    Jumping on you, again don't reward it. Some people might disagree but I would tell a dog no for jumping on me. You're entitled to your space and some respect. Keep him on lead when you know you're in situations where he is likely to jump and block the behaviour as best as you can. Don't pull him back, just to the side or up.

    At the moment, his way of getting attention is through jumping. Whilst ignoring these unwanted behaviours, make sure you're focusing on teaching him how to get attention. So if he sits nicely, is behaving well etc call him over or go to him and reward him.

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    I am addressing the jumping up whilst I am at the door by waiting for him to sit before I let him in
    I wouldn't wait for him to sit. The first jump and I'd be turning around and leaving... and trying again - the first time - give a few seconds, but the next time - maybe a minute.

    Eg jumping makes the boss go away.

    In my dog's case - I went one step further - jumping on glass windows got you crate or car time. My dog would do this at my brother's place to the point where I thought she would break windows. She'd also follow me around the house from the outside and jump up to peer in various windows - which was cute but dangerous - given the sort of junk my brother leans against windows.

    After a bit of crate time - she was much more inclined to take what I said about it seriously.

    PS - she has had a lot of training for collar grab and for crate time being a good thing. So it isn't a punishment place - it's a safe den place for her, but it also limits her opportunity to be naughty especially in new places.

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    Not sure if it works for you, but my friend had the same problem. The way he got around it was to place a piece of carpet upside down just infront of the door that the dog is jumping up and down on. the rough texture of the carpet makes jumping uncomfortable for the dog so he eventually stopped.

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    Ignoring the dog jumping doesn't always work. I find a a growl and 'NO' works - make it obvious you are not happy with that behaviour. When the dog stops, then reward profusely

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