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Thread: We need help!

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    Default We need help!

    Hi There,

    We have a Rottweiler puppy (1 year old) and he is very untrained. We bought him as a puppy and didn't realise how much work he was going to be to train and now we are in big trouble. He will sit, but he wont stay, he can walk on a lead but not very well even after being walked every day-every second day since we have had him. We are bringing him inside with us to socialise him with our kids (4 and 2 years) and he is slowly learning but we just arent sure if what we are doing is right?

    When we walk him if he pulls we ask him to sit and once he does we say good boy and keep walking, now when we have him inside and we ask him to sit and drop and tell him good boy he thinks it means he can get up and move.

    Does anyone have some links to sites with some good tips for training a 1 year old large breed dog? or can anyone in here help us?


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    What area are you in? Before you start on obedience you need groundwork of focus and respect. If you want to read a website read Leerburg Dog Training | 17,500 pages of dog training information, 750 free dog training streaming videos, free eBooks, podcasts, by Ed Frawley and Michael Ellis as a beginning, all the puppy stuff. You need to start from the start.

    Then call a good trainer with experience in guarding breeds to give you a hand

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    The Rottweiler club of SA runs obedience classes that you would find helpful.

    Susan Garrett is about to open up the online recallers class (next week for one week you can sign up).

    Crate games promo is up - 1 minute - this will help with the stay. Recallers also covers "re-inforcement zone" which would help with the loose lead walking.

    If you let us know what your nearest capital city is - we can recommend some trainers to talk to.

    Also have a look at kikopup on youtube. She's put up heaps of short videos on all sorts of training problems. You don't need a clicker - you can use the word "yes" instead.

    Persist - it's never too late. I don't think my dog got any proper training until she was about 14 months old.

    I taught things like "Stay" and "Fetch" in front of her dinner - ie she had to do these things to get her dinner. And you break it down into tiny weeny easy steps. Ie I didn't just chuck a ball and expect her to fetch it back to me before she got her dinner the first time.

    I think I chucked a tug toy that doesn't roll and let her have dinner for going and sniffing it. next step was for her to pick it up. She tossed it around before she got the idea she was supposed to give it to me. And then she'd be spitting it out instead of letting me take it, and each of those I allowed as a progression towards what I wanted...

    loose lead walking - kikopup is good for this. Every step you take with the dog pulling - rewards the pulling - so if the dog gets to the end of the lead - at least stop walking until he's back with you on a loose lead. Some people will actually hare off in the opposite direction as soon as the dog steps in front of where they want him, so the dog has to keep paying attention to where they are.

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    Thank you so much! I am in Tasmania, my surrounding main towns are Burnie, Ulverstone and Devonport.

    I will have a look at the links you both have given me, He does sit and will stay until we say before he eats his dinner, he has had some training but he really needs more.

    I would love to know about any local trainers, i wouldnt even know where to look.

    Thanks heaps!

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    He does sit and will stay until we say before he eats his dinner
    So now you add distractions and changes of location...

    eg will he stay at a distance from his dinner?

    will he stay if anything distracting happens eg kids running around, ball bouncing by... kibble bouncing by...

    My dog and I practice a lot of stays at the park and the beach - and I do my best to fake her into breaking by jumping around, waving my hands or hat or chucking stuff. stuff goes on around us too - like other dogs going by or even coming up for a sniff, and the game is she stays (I forgive her if the other dog is nasty) but otherwise...

    and her reward in that context is release "go" to chase me and my hat or a toy... or "come" for a treat.

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    Thanks great tips, he would never stay if there was a distraction not in a million years, and our kids arent even allowed near him when he is off a lead because he runs and wants to play with them and knocks them over. That is one of the main things we want to stop.

    We have a lot of work to do with him and we know that, I am so glad to have found this forum! Might just save our sanity!

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    I've done a bit of reading on Rotty's lately .... and this is the one of a few breeds that i'd be seeking professional help with. By all means use the tips and advice mentioned above by other members but i'd also be signing up with a dog trainer. A real good one.

    At one year old its not to late ..... but you could really have a hard time with him as he gets older.

    My main concern would be making sure he can tolerate other people around him that aren't family members.

    Good luck.

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    No usually walked every day sometimes we cant though so it makes it every second day, the days we cant walk him we go out and play fetch with him and have a big play, we have a very big yard for him, he definitely gets enough exercise.

    We will definitely be looking into a dog trainer thanks.

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    I have a friend in Tasmania that does a lot of training and trialing with her dogs. I will ask her if you like for any recommendations about the Tasmanian dog training scene

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    Hi Alanah.
    Nice to see someone on here from my neck of the woods. There is a dog trainer at Forth.
    High Shangrila - Dog Training, North-West Tasmania.

    Might be worth giving them a ring and having a chat to them about your situation.
    I'm guessing you'd know where Forth is if you're in the north west area.
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