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Thread: Sudden severe separation anxiety

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    My dog is almost 11 years old (staffy x husky - Tia) and has recently got separation anxiety. Recently there were school sports across the road and the starter pistol upset her and this is when it began. Now I cant even leave the house for a few minutes without her trying to escape.
    I dropped her at my sisters for a few days last week, spent the weekend with her and hoped she would be ok at home today. Tia had tried to dig through rock hard ground and her nails were bleeding and she has cut her face trying to press her head through the fence.
    Is there anything that can fix an old dog like this?
    She also recently went to have a booster shot for Leptospirosis and the vet also gave her C5 which she had only 4 weeks earlier. This seemed to knock her around a bit - will it have any adverse effects?

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    Hi Sam

    That's hard. Your dog has had a traumatic experience. And it could take a while for her to get over it.

    Does she freak out with fireworks too? Lots of dogs do.

    Is she better if she stays inside? Does she have a safe place inside - like a covered soft sided crate - den.

    Have you tried a thundershirt? It's a sort of comfort wrap thing that hugs a dog.

    Otherwise I guess I'd be starting with from scratch with the "I forgot something" routine.

    I get my keys and my bag and my jacket, then

    I give my dog a nice treat that takes between two and twenty minutes to eat (roo jerky vs kong with frozen food in it)...

    She reminds me if I forget the roo jerky part. But at first - it would still be there when I got home and then she'd greet me, potty stop and then she'd remember the roo jerky. At the moment - all is good - she doesn't wait for me to get out the door let alone home.

    So I go out the door, shut that, put my stuff in the car, open the gate to get the car out and...

    Oops I forgot my phone - go back for phone.

    depending on how bad your dog is, you might go out the door and come straight back in.

    If the dog is being calm - give a treat. If they are still freaked out - they probably won't take the treat so you might want to wait for them to calm down before you repeat - go out the door, forget something, come back.

    I do this naturally but you might want a plan. go back - grab something - go back out... repeat lots. Vary the times between coming back shorter - longer - shorter and pay attention to your dog's tolerance.

    Try not to open the door if the dog is screaming or barking - wait till she takes a breath or is quiet for a second (try to extend this duration over time as well).

    I'd start this - some time when you're going to be home all day... for a couple of days and every 30 minutes or so - run the "I forgot something" routine.

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