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Thread: Bernie is to be retired, strictly. How do you tell a working dog this?

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    I know a couple of Belgian Shepherds (Tervueren) that do agility. They strike me as agile, well structured, light and fast, smart dogs. Something like that could suit.

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    Ive had 3 experts advice:
    Vet 1, my vet, original opinion, conservation management, supplements, pain relief.
    Vet 2, above, or surgery < wtf? after 8 yrs of damage and arthritis?
    My Son: "His quality of life is shit. I took him out for you, he had brilliant time, get over it."

    We went out this morning. All of us.Whilst i want to run him out, i also dont want to be careless, so kept it briefer, 20 mins. He got to trot, sniff, track scents, mark his territory over again. Vital stuff apparently. He's happy, and relaxed in the house now, near the heater. Content. With 20 mins.
    I took him a different route. Never before taken. He's good with certain environments = certain activity along route. So got him a new one. That kinda goes nowhere great so i had to invent great. He had his breakfast from my hand. Using NILF and his tricks. Rarely asked for outside, more an indoors game for some reason? But he seemed to transfer the skill easily, despite mum's shite training methods. Bless him.

    Brian is having to be pulled up to get him out right now. He hates the cold!

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    My Son: "His quality of life is shit. I took him out for you, he had brilliant time, get over it."
    I don't understand this comment. I take it your son didn't mean in the mafia sense of "took out"?
    I'm thinking the son says ignore the vets and let the dog do what he wants?

    You can't fill the dog up with pain killers and then let him run. That's a bit like what they do to AFL footballers - and should be criminal - putting them back on the field with major injuries and pain killers. Yes they both want to run, but you might as well shoot them both at the end of the season.

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