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Thread: toilet training 10 month old Tibetan Spaniel

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    I have a new rescue pup (Tibetan Spaniel) named Milly. She is 10 months old. I am trying to toilet train her but i seem to take one step forward and two steps back. I am using the puppy pad and she will use them for a while then next minute its on the floor again.. What am I doing wrong? I make sure the pads are in the same spot every day and that they are picked up quickly once they are soiled.

    i will try anything I need to get it under control.


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    She can't be taken outside?

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    Normal dog toilet training is not left to the dog to figure out where the right place is to go with no effort on your part.

    It's all about you supervising and supervising and supervising - ie the dog gets no opportunity to toilet any place except where you want them to go. And then you praise and reward like you won jack pot lotto.

    For at least the first month or until the dog shows you they understand where the right place is - for my dog this is sitting at the back door and barking - a rather soft and desperate "let me out" bark... funny how I'm tuned to this one more than any other.

    So if this is an older puppy that hasn't been in your house before, that means having it on lead and attached to you and taking it out at regular scheduled intervals eg every hour (at first) and after meals, after play, after waking up - and staying out until you get the performance that you're expecting. Be boring during this time but you might want to repeat a key phrase like "go potty" or "shitnapiss" or "pay your respects to mr Rabbit" - pick something that the dog will connect with toileting, so it knows what you expect when you start up your phrase chant.

    she will use them for a while then next minute its on the floor again
    She clearly doesn't quite understand what is expected. What do you clean the accidents with? Bleach is bad - that encourages more peeing in that spot. Bicarb and vinegar or enzyme based washing powder is better. Maybe followed up with a quick squirt of 1/4 teaspoon of lavender oil diluted in a 500 ml spray bottle of water.

    Also "once they are soiled" what does this mean - she always has clean pads available? hint of pee smell where you want her to go is probably a good thing but a couple of turds in that spot will mean she will go somewhere else.

    I'm with Didee - much prefer to train dog to go outside. But this is hard if you live in an apartment. Either way - it's up to you to be super vigilant and make sure you follow the routine of enforced toileting opportunities until the dog shows she understands (no accidents unless there is an emergency like tummy upsets).

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