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Thread: Random Peeing! HELP!!

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    Default Random Peeing! HELP!!

    Please help us! My partner and I have a two year Bischon (Peach). Roughly every 3 to 4 weeks she will pee inside, generally somewhere on the carpet, rarely in the same place twice.

    She sleeps in the laundry and has a dog door, we close off all the rooms we can for fear of her peeing in them. It's so random and we can never ever seem to catch her in the act. We severly struggled with toilet training when she was a puppy as we followed the advice of the breeder and tried to encourage her to pee on newspaper in the laundry. We gradually reduced the amount of newspaper she had to pee on, but she just peed on the laundry floor instead. Eventually we gave her so little space to sleep in she had to either go outside or pee in her bed. She would still occasionally pee somewhere inside but not often. We moved house about 8 months ago and generally she always goes outside. Except for these random "accidents". We dont know what to do when we find them, and we don't really want to lock her away all the time because it happens so infrequently. PLEASE HELP.

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    Hi there
    Sounds to me like she's marking her territory. Was she like this at your old place? Has she been Desexed?

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    I'd second Mags on this one, girls do mark territory, and even lift their legs.

    But if she is desexed and still does it she may just be a little slow in that dept . Some dogs just never fully "get" some things. Some never really master a sit, or coming when they're called, and some never quite master housetraining.

    Just like humans, slightly blonde in one area of life... I have a few of those areas!!

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    That's funny Nattylou
    I know a middle age little terrier and whenever he visits, not just my house but anyones the first thing he does is wee in the house. Entry through the gate for him...

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    Yes she has been desexed. We did have the same problem in the old place. The first few months in the new place we didn't have any issues at all. We thought moving had somehow resolved the problem... In recent months it has come back. She seems to be able to do it in complete stealth, if we find a damp pee spot I'm not sure if there's anything we should do aside from cleaning it up. My impression was if you don't catch them in the act they will not relate any punishment back to the peeing inside.

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    I'm probably way off track, Just a question, Do you use any type of smellies in your house, ie carpet / air ect stuff?

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