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Thread: A GOOD Puppy School & Trainer Brisbane South / Ipswich

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    Default A GOOD Puppy School & Trainer Brisbane South / Ipswich

    Hi everybody, I am new to this Forum and my apologies if this has been gone over before, I had a look but couldn't see much in the way of recommendations.

    I am looking for a recommendation to a good puppy school to attend with our beautiful Dalmatian puppy located near Brisbane (south preferred) or Ipswich.

    This is my first dog, having said that I own three horses and compete in eventing. I am experienced in training young horses, handling yearlings and stallions etc. I do not think it is a fair comparison especially being that horses are animals of flight, although I believe my equine foundations assure me that I will have the ability to own and train a dog especially one such as a Dalmatian.

    Anyhow hence why I am wanting to join a good puppy school, I want assure he is properly socialised and that my training techniques are suitable and correct for him.

    There seem to be plenty out there, but I know a bad trainer can be the most harmful thing in the world.

    Can anyone recommend a good trainer and puppy school? Also a good vet? We have just moved here from the far north, and of course will need a good vet for the dog and horses alike.

    Thank you everybody look forward to hopefully finding a great place.

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    Hi 'ellesauer' and to the forum ! Hope you enjoy being a member here !

    Some suggestions for you:


    Agility Dog Club Of Queensland

    Puppy Preschool | AWLQ

    Good Luck !

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    Hi Ellesauer

    I would send an email to Cathy at (chewar) and ask her for recommendations in your area.

    puppy classes at an agilty club would be great for your dog, depending how old. Otherwise if under 4 months - a puppy pre-school at a vet or similar might be best.

    Training dogs can be very similar to training horses - ie they do good - you reward - they do bad - you try to prevent or limit or interrupt and start over (no reward). It's just the reward they like is different - ie dogs like food and chase and tug and praise. Horses like food and security/safety and praise. Both like a good scratch in hard to reach places...

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