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    i am new here and obviously this is my first post\
    recently we have taken on a foundling - an aus terrier of around 12 months old [lucky]
    the vets tell us he has a brain injury that makes him a little shaky and noddy - he is ok though and seems bright and happy to be here
    he has a few quirks and one is the licking problem

    he licks my hand, my shirt, my pants, my leather chair lick lick lick lick - he gets very excited and the licking turns to mouthing when i try and stop him
    i am generally happy to have a dog lick me and have no problem with my other two but with Lucky it is a problem as i can't get him to stop
    when he sits next to my wife he is pretty calm and usually naps
    interestingly he spends part of each day asleep on my wifes chair - it is his preferred napping area during the day

    any advice much appreciated

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    a foundling
    I hope you checked him for microchip and reported that you found him to your local council. It is illegal to take a dog in just because you think he's homeless.
    Some councils / pounds are better than others when it comes to allowing you to foster the dog while the "unclaimed" time is served out - a couple of weeks to a month. But someone might be really missing this dog. It could have been stolen and dumped.

    Unless you really meant a dog you got from the pound or rescue that had already served its unclaimed time?

    I cured my brothers SBT of licking me quite by accident - I put rid mozzie repellent on my toes and she licked and never again. This stuff is pretty toxic so you might want to start with something smellier and less toxic (still a bit toxic) - like vicks vapour rub.

    Or using some of the training options suggested above.

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    i have been around dogs a long time and know the routines required for foundlings
    although many unfortunatel don't

    lucky served his time at gracie street nth melb [closest pound to where he was found]
    while he was there he was desexed, chipped and immunised and just had his boosters so he is street legal
    the previous owner had just let him loose i reckon and he had been on the streets of footscray for quite some time by the look of him when he luckily wandered into my sister inlaws place

    i have put a barrier to his favorite napping spot on my wifes chair and now he has to nap on my chair - hoping the relaxing vibe may get transferred when i sit there too

    good tip with the smelly stuff although i cant see myself rubbing vix all over my leather easy chair

    any other suggestions??
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    Glad you did all the right things in giving the previous owners a chance, we do get people on here who had no idea what you're supposed to do and vets don't always inform them either.

    any other suggestions??
    Training - as described above. Train the dog to do something that makes licking at the same time - difficult.

    For stopping my dog from going on seats she was not allowed - I put tin cans there.

    Now all I have to do is look disappointed and she gets off. Or if she has her collar on, I just drag her off. I don't say anything or give an "off" command tho she does know that one.

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