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Thread: Dog cries and howls at crows cawing

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    Default Dog cries and howls at crows cawing

    Hi All,
    Any suggestions as to what we can do to to train our dog ,who incessantly cries, howls at when crows caw.?
    We have had our Dalmatian, Coco since she was one year old. She came from a breeder, and the dogs were bred for competitions. Coco failed as she was too skittish. When she first arrived we were amazed at how skittish she was. With a lot of love and training after a year she is a lot less skittish, but still is very nervous when we feed her. We think she may have been beaten in relation to food in the past. With regard to crows, we think that when she lived out in an open paddock as a pup, perhaps she was teased or pecked by crows, leading to her ongoing obsession. We give her a sharp sound to stop her crying,but when she is alone she cries at the crows , very annoying for neighbours too. Any solutions?

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    Have you tried giving her rewards as soon as you can hear the crows? Sometimes trying to condition a link between whatever they react to and a positive experience can make a difference. It can be a slow process though and needs to be done with baby steps.

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    Hi 'Ingrid Fox' and to the forum !

    The way I sorted this sort of thing out when Riley first came to our place as a PITA 2 year old – was to teach the ‘leave it’ command and acknowledge him – every time that he barked at something. I would ask him – ‘what is it ?’ and/or ‘show me’ – I would look - then tell him ‘to leave it’ or ‘nothing to worry about’ – then I would take him away from whatever he was barking at.

    Now – this only works when you are home to catch the behavior. But what I found is that if you catch the barking each and every time you are home – it will translate eventually to when you are not home.

    But it does take time, patience and perseverance !

    Also, Riley is either in the house or in a smaller yard (that I have set up) for when I am not at home – which does help heaps ! He is more settled when he doesn't think that he has to look after the big yard as well.

    In fact – he sleeps most of the time !

    Anyway some links for you:

    Leave it part 1 - YouTube

    kikopup - YouTube

    Knowledge Base | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    Specifically look at – behavioural interrupter, leave it and stop barking.
    Good Luck ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    My dog HATES crows. And magpies, and pigeons...

    Well she really really HATES crows.

    Unfortunately, they're not around all that often - so it's difficult to give her controlled exposure to the experience and then reward her for ignoring them (and paying attention to me instead).

    I guess I could try playing recordings of crow noises
    Australian Birds: photographs by Graeme Chapman, ornithologist

    Mostly if she acts like a pork chop because of a crow, model plane, bicycle, lawnmower - whatever... I put her on lead, act like it's no bother to me, increase the distance until she's paying attention to me and not trying to get the whatever it is... and then play a bunch of games that she knows and can be rewarded for. Eg sit, drop, stand, pretty (beg), spin, twist, heel forwards, sideways, backwards, backwards circles (ok I'm dizzy now)... and see if she's still interested in the crow after that.

    Note - don't ever feed crows or leave food out for them. They're really clever and have very good memories for who has left what food where. And they will follow you around if you've fed them. Magpies are a bit more forgiving - they will line up for food if you're there, but they won't seek you out in the burb wherever you are.

    And that probably includes leaving dog food out for the dog. The magpies do queue up next door for my neighbour's cat food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Eg sit, drop, stand, pretty (beg), spin, twist, heel forwards, sideways, backwards, backwards circles (ok I'm dizzy now)... and see if she's still interested in the crow after that.
    I really couldn't help myself- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ smiley-laughing024.gif

    Love it !

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    We'd do leg weaves too but it's hard to do them with her on lead...

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